Wednesday, 14 September 2005

Actually I'm ok now

Yeah sorry about that peeps. I had a bad day and you are all lovely but I am OK now. Just to show that I am strong (like a woman - that 'sure' advert had a huge effect on me). Remember this?
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Well....Teva. I tried to knit your pattern. I tried to like the cardigan once you told me I needed 4 balls of wool at the same time but NO! Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha!
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So anyway, moving on to other things....I was at AWE yesterday. That's the atomic weapons establishment to the uninitiated. Morally and ethically I don't have a problem with these places - partly because I am around them and their staff often and see the full range of things they do as well as the actual warheads and 'deaths per thousand population' that is actually a unit that exists in those spheres. So there I was and the security needed is tremendous. Security checks a month before you go there. Nothing electrical on site in case you record something. You want to park your car - are you insane? Bag checks, body scans Etc etc. So I got there yesterday and the woman asked me if I had my phone and I handed it over. And then, I leaned forward....I looked to the left and right with a quick flick of my eyes. I beckoned her closer and whispered, nay, murmered in her ear...."I also have knitting needles". Because you can't take them on planes so I'm thinking places that make nuclear bombs won't allow them. The woman looked me straight in the eye and said "As long as you promise not to stab anyone" and let me in. With my weapons of mass construction. So there you go.....planes - no, atomic weapons - yes.

Anyway, one can't spend the whole day with weapons so I spun off to john lewis in reading and got these two.
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I must have seen them both before but can't remember. Am quite looking forward to seeing the debbie bliss knitted up.

So this brings me onto my final point with no connection to what I've just been talking about. Those with shakey nerves look away now. Because we're going to talk about pants, knickers, undies - call them what you will. Now what I want to know is - has anyone ever found a comfortable thong or g-string? Is it too much to ask? I actually gave quite a lot of thought to this yesterday when I went in search of such an item. Actually I was going to post a photo here of what I ended up with but that's really one of those 'need to know' things so have stopped myself. I have been pondering the making of pants ever since I saw an article about making old t-shirts into undies. I am sure there must be a way of making custom size comfortable pants that are not a version of the old pantaloons. It's not like I enjoy looking like a piece of edam - it's just that a lot of my skirts and trousers 'hug' my posterior and I don't want to have a VPL. So anyway....Pants eh? What can you do? Watch this space for further developments.

(Yeah I know you can just do away with them a la Mr Pooch (too much info?!) but I am a laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaady and can not go around in such a way - i might get a chill in my kidneys as my mother has always warned me.)


Jennifer said...

Well, I personally find the g-string underwear to be very uncomfortable. I've never found a comfortable one. I begun wearing the low waist, boy short underwear and have had much more success in the comfort department. The don't look like grandma wear either.

Becky said...

I think that g-strings or thongs are just a matter of practise ! I used to hate them, but then I made myself wear them and now - I wouldn't be without them. I think the key is to find one where the back isn't as thin as cheese wire - then it doesn't cut in so ! Go for something with a bit of body to it in a stretchy fabric and just go through that pain barrier and eventually you'll be fine !

Tracy said...

It's definitely a case of practice makes perfect as far as thongs are concerned. The more you wear them, the better they feel. The first time turned me off for over a year but then I found a set in M&S that I couldn't resist and I do have a few now although I'm not a total convert, I must admit. Please don't tell me you're going to knit some thongs???? Mind you, a triangle of Big Wool with a strand attached at 3 points might work!

Jess said...

Don't do thongs, so can't help there. Love your experience of nuclear knitting!

RoxyKnits said...

My favourite thongs are Roxy ones. Not exactly cheap but oh so cool and comfortable. Love them.

Avoid those very thin ones like the plague. How can they possibly be comfortable?

Mary said...

I think a lot depends on the brand. Some are not comfortable at all (Muji - what were you thinking) while others are great. I recommend DKNY - not cheap but so worth it.

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