Friday, 9 September 2005

But seriously folks...

I was going to post about how I'd been to VV Rouleaux yesterday and got dissed again by the sloan ranger on checkout. But then someone sent me this link. (TURN DOWN SOUND OR WEAR HEADPHONES). I followed another link and ended up at this blog.

This guy is amazing. A really good writer (he seems to be a journalist) and thoughtful etc - I'm very taken with it. He's prompted me to order Tim Collin's Rules of Engagement and to look up the text of the speech he made to his men before the Iraq war started. Now I'm not a political person - I like my life to be easy and full of wool. But I have really enjoyed reading this guy's current posts and it reminds me that getting dissed by a sloan ranger is just so petty and boring. They're silly expensive anyway - much better to wait for ally pally.

In general I have been having a very boring time but am off to Mum's for R&R this weekend so won't be posting. Pooch has made her promise to let him watch cricket the whole time. I have my alphabet blanket although I'm still on the same letter. It's a xmas present so can't tell you which one but it will spell their name.

As evidence of my boring life (and in an effort to hold true to Nickerjac's rule about not posting without having something to show....behold my office.
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This is the view from my corner. Note how I have highlighted the sheer volume of Samir's hair. I mean, is it actually illegal to take pics of people in your office without telling them? Anyway, to continue...
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This is Vishanti. She's not actually hurt we were just mucking about with the old bandages they were throwing away from the first aid packs.
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This is my desk, containing the essential tool for living - a slinky spring. That thing keeps me going, seriously. But wait....what can this be.....
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Believe me, this is the only fun thing about my job - the electric stapler dad 2 bought me about 4 years ago for xmas. Quite possibly the most useful present I have ever received.
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Don't worry almost done. This is Hannibal. Because I also love it when a Plan comes together. He and I share a joke every now and again (and this is with me taking the pills). There is also debbie mcgee on another wall who is my icon for public understanding work - if debbie mcgee would understand that sentance then it's fine for public consumption etc etc. She is wearing a nice blue dress and silver shoes. And finally..... the view from my window.
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My Director actually came down here this morning and asked me whether I thought we needed new blinds. I don't know though - if they were good enough for this desk owner 40 years ago should I really be criticising them in their off milk paleness now?


Nickerjac said...

Ok I guess this means I have to struggle on posting photos :)
Hopefully now I'm at Silkwood Logo with you tomorrow. Have a good time at your Mums x

Heather said...

Excellent idea for Debbie McGee, Lixie - I knew she had to have a use somewhere :)

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