Thursday, 29 September 2005

But seriously... passive are some people? Sit there and complain about something not happening to you but don't do anythign to actually make it happen. Yes folks, that's right, I have been at the investors in people steering group this morning. Give me strength. Plus the staff association is at this very minute having a general meeting about me sacking Luke except they're not allowed to talk about particular cases so it's all done with winks and nods. Am so tempted to go down there and silence the conversation by walking in - I am a member after all.

I was just sitting here for a second thinking...what was I going to type next? When I remembered....short-term memory loss. Now this is serious - I am genuinely not joking. I'm on a high dose of anti-d's now and one of the possible side-effects at this dosage is short-term memory loss. At first Pooch thought I was just being ditzier than usual but it's definitely got loads worse during the last fortnight so I spoke to Dr P yesterday and he has told me to cut down the meds starting from sunday. Am a bit nervous (when I remember) as it was cutting down last time that caused me to have another episode. Pooch is actually being very nice about it and patiently reminding me that I have forgotten things (Like when I had a go at him for inviting all his mates round to watch football when he'd asked me if it was OK the day before and reminded me that morning.)

Before I depart - woo ha secret pal!!!! Another chcolate lolly through the post today - "I think this thing needs eating" is written on the front and it is of Dylan from the Magic Roundabout. The thing is I am assuming it was my pal because there was no note. God, one thing I had forgotten was my lovely SP5 who sent me some lovely yarn in the post as well as some beautiful cards. She is Meg from DivaKnits. She has been ultra fab so many thanks xxxx I will write to you properly once I have more time and will post a pic of the yarn as soon as I find my camera again!

The person I was spoiling was Filomena. I really enjoyed sending stuff to her and am hoping to have as much fun with my next Pal, although so far she hasn't responded to a couple of emails, a blog comment and hasn't put the questionnaire on her blog. Am hoping she is OK.

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