Monday, 5 September 2005

my name is byrne...and i am funky

Hat finished and though I say so myself it looks rather fine as well as extremely mental.
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In fact, it looks like my good self aha tra la. Now some people will tell you, the blaggards, that I only loathe dpn's because I can not use them. Aha, not so. But it is true I will avoid using them because I HATE them. Look at the suffering they cause me when I am forced to put them to work.
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Have had a good but busy weekend. Pooch and I have a new flat sorted. Got it on Saturday and it's near Canada Water in docklands and even bigger than the current one. I went to Barnes to see Nikerjac in the afternoon. I know I keep saying it but I do love it down there. She also thinks that it is an actual wedding (the cast off thing) with the two named individuals who's names I can't recall actually tying (or perhaps 'knitting' fnah fnah) the knot. My flower garland yarn should be waiting for me at work today. Other things waiting for me are a hellishly busy day and news of the new job as the deadline was Friday.

Yesterday was a momentous occasion but to understand quite how momentus I need to prepare you with a little history. Mum and Dad divorce when I am 4 - Dad goes off with his secretary and in due course have 2 kids. The eldest is Freddie (female, 17), the youngest is Piers (male, 13). Alex and sister spend alternate weekends with Dad up to about age 14 maybe? Then Johanna (secretary) and Sian (original sister, 25) fall out big style and no more home visits allowed. End to seeing Freddie and Piers who has just been born. Piers seen once when 3 weeks old when accidentally bumped into them. Skip forward 12 years (last summer). Alex goes mental big style and is hospitalised, gets out and starts campaign to see siblings basically in case she tops herself big style in the near future. So...phew... meeting takes place on neatral ground between F, P, me, Johanna and dad. Is extraordinaryly wonderful and mentions are made of a visit to their house for bbq's and whatnot. Skip forward a year to a month ago. Me reminding dad big style that it's been a year and no visit has happened. Skip forward to yesterday and there is a nervous me plus the reassuring prescence of Mr Pooch heading down to Canterbury to visit the house they've lived in for about 10 years for the first time and to spend a family day with my extended family.

IT WAS WICKED! I had such a good time. Freddie I have seen a couple of times recently and she was on good form doing physics summerwork as school starts again today. I was running round their gorgeous garden making plane noises and Pooch was lapping up the gorgeous views. We had lunch, sat about and chatted and then Piers, who had been umpiring some cricket, got home with Johanna. You know those strings of firecrackers where you set one off and then the rest catch and you get a series of explosions. That's kind of like Piers. I have no experience of teenage boys so I don't know if this is normal but he is SO energetic! Pooch was running round the garden as well after a while and there was lots of playing catch and stuff. And then there was a bbq which Piers and Pooch cooked between them. That was lovely too with gorgeous salads and the 6 of us all sitting round the table in the garden. Ooo I can't really describe it but it was so so wonderful. It may have taken decades to come but it well, I was going to say it was worth the wait wich it wasn't but then it did go someway to making up for it. I just hope it continues - I'll need to keep up the momentum with Dad. I love my Dad x


Nickerjac said...

I'm so glad it went as well as you wanted x


that is one crazy mother of a hat dude. in fact, not so much a hat, more like a sparkly love womb for the head. Mmmm, nice.

Jennifer said...

Sounds like your visit went fantastically well! Good for you. I love that hat too.

Becky said...

I love your hat - it is so fantastic - are you planning on wearing it to a business meeting some time soon !

I'm so glad you had a positive family experience - I find that when it goes well it's the best - otherwise - well - you know.

scarletprincess said...

Glad you had such a good time. That hat is wicked!!!

purl pirate said...

Yes, Freddie Robbins really is getting married, it's all completely legal and proper.

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