Thursday, 8 September 2005

Oooo yeah

So there I was at NWKnit tog last night with that accursed teva durham cardi pattern and I'm at the point where it says 'after 1/2 an inch start to divide for sleeves' at which point it says 'join another ball of yarn'. JOIN ANOTHER BALL OF YARN????? I'm already knitting with 2 balls of yarn and this isn't intarsia, it's all one colour. So Teva wants me to have FOUR BALLS OF YARN enagaged at the same time. Yeah so I'm obviously carrying another two balls around with me.

You know what? I hate that cardigan.

It is afterall knitted with the drunk yarn. Which incidentally is shedding all over me. I hate it. From this day forth that is a ufo and I'm reclaiming my denises from it and putting it on a holder.

So instead I have inpetuously begun an alphabet blanket in the merino aran I got from coldspring. I won't forget that loop d bloody loop thing though.


scarletprincess said...

Though I'm pained from your distress with the dreamcatcher cardi, i'm glad I didn't start it w/o seeing someone else's progress on it first!
Maybe the evil will leave if you let it rest a while ;o)

NikolaAnne said...

"Drunk yarn"? Did I miss something?

Take it to the frog pond, make it into something you will enjoy knitting, otherwise, you will never wear it, however pretty it looks when it finally gets finished!


RoxyKnits said...

Yep, frog pond is the way to go. It's crap when that happens. You'll feel better once it's frogged though and all the badness will go away. Will Loop-d-Loop be appearing on Ebay anytime soon then? I haven't managed to figure anything out yet. I knew there was a reason I avoid subbing like the plague..... I do remember reading at the beginning of the book to read all the patterns through first, but who does that???

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