Monday, 26 September 2005


Well the removal men didn't turn up (Aussie man in a van - we thought it would be funny but wasn' all) so we ended up with a different company whose name I shall praise as soon as I remember it. They arrived at 45 mins notice and asked for less than the odious aussies although we gave them the same as they were so lovely. Did mean our schedule got messed up so oinly just finished cleaning on time to hand over keys on the friday - was EXHAUSTED.

New place is wonderful and excellent and have photos but have left them at home. The only photo I have for now is one of the poster we made on the train when Denning, Paul, Sian, Brown and I went to see WWE in Birmingham. OK, photo doesn't want to load. Anyway...

Off to dinner with cousin Mike over from the states tonight. Have secured Pooch's presence by making the venue "Winkles" - the supreme fish restaurant bizarrely situated about 10 mins walk from bethnal green station. Denning is coming too and I intend to pig out on prawns and garlic! hahahaha. Smell me later dudes.


blueadt said...

Glad to see that you got sorted in the end. Lets hope that your neighbours are better than the last lot!

Annarella said...

Excellent, great news, hope you'll enjoy your new place.

On my daily visits on Craftster, I saw this: and thought of you... she does mention some errors in the pattern, perhaps what caused you so much problems?

Have a fab day xx

filomena said...

Moving feels like a fresh start (inspite of being a load of work), especially when you are moving out of a place you don't like

Good luck with the new flat!


All the best with the new flat dude!

Any news on the sockalong front?

RoxyKnits said...

Glad to hear you've left that place and before long you'll be all settled in and cozy.

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