Monday, 19 September 2005

Rediscovering WWE - the build up

I wrote a long great post yesterday and it all got eaten by blogger. Hmph. So here I go again...

I had a lovely day with Nickerjac yesterday and got to stroke some serious cat and look at bunnies and admire some amazing wool in the most stunning shades. Every day brings me closer to ally pally and my have-to-have-it list is getting longer. I also got to do some spinning but was quite bummerd that I've lost my knack. The one on the right is the second attempt and is a bit better.
Image hosted by
Actually I really like the one on the right. Aha ha ha.

So anyway...onto the title of the post. You see I have discovered a new magazine..."Power Slam". Yeah baby. And let me sum this magazine review up by showing you the cebtrefold, Batista.
Image hosted by
Pooch is shaking his head with incomprehension as I type. But I just love wrestling. It's now just 3 days til we move and I get one step closer to WWE on tap by gaining Denning as a neighbour. We have already arranged to watch sunday's pay-per-view on Thursday night. Yeah baby.

So i got the job - did I mention that over the weekend? But the salary is yet to be set plus Narinder is off on sick leave for another 2 weeks as her feet haven't healed (bunions) and John can't start his rearranging until she is back and definitely staying. If she leaves it all goes to pot.

So doubt I'll be posting again til next weekend as have so much packing and work to do this week. Have fun peeps - I'll be back from Canada Water.



yay for you getting new job and moving all at same time. Loads of the kids I see for my research are really into wrestling too!

Bryony said...

Hoorah! New job = good. good luck with the move. Moving is poo, but changing where you live is fab :D

Iris said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, and congrats on getting the job, that's great news!! And I your handspun yarn, in particular the one on the right.

Andrea said...

Hope the move is going Ok Lixie. Missing your blog presence! Hope to see you back in blogland soon.

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