Friday, 2 September 2005

Set a knitter to catch a knitter, or sheep.

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First let up reflect on the beauty os sequins. For lo! Is there a sequin that is not as beautiful as a summer's day or as round as a circle. I love sequins but only subtly - not in those sequin cardigans or anything. So in my long-term plan to knit a lengthways scarf I am including beautiful pink sequins. Because, as I might have mentioned, I love sequins.

I might be repeating myself, but I like sequins. Hence my decision to spin yarn with the 'love' sequins in it. And even though it is only in its early stages the hat knitted of the aforementioned yarn is already adorning my head.
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It has been a week of good post this week and what could be better than the first parcel form my secret pal arriving after being sent to me, returned to her as undeliverable, and sent back to me. And in it was some divine linen/viscose mix in blues.
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Now I know I'm getting obsessed, but does this also say socks to you? Garter stitch or lengthways maybe? But then that would be to hide them away. I know what you're thinking now though - mitred square, dude. I have been meaning to knit one or two of these and make them into a stonking great something for ages but still haven't. Then make the squares into a bag perhaps? Dude, I don't know. But you can be damn sure it'll be good. There was also a chocolate bar!!!!!!! and a lovely notepad with a pencil. I love my pal.....I'm going to find out who she is with the next parcel - can't wait!

Meanwhile my last parcel reached my own pal and she has left a comment here! Here she is...She is very cool - I'm really glad she's liked the bits I've sent. I have of course signed up for secret pal 6 and the new button will be appearing to the left of the screen very shortly. Wooha!

I did say it had been a week of good post because I finally crumbled and bought myself the dolly mixture bracelet and necklace from firefly gifts.
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This is just the bracelet but the necklace is just as good. Everyone keeps asking if they are real ones.

I was thinking about patterns today and how everyone else I know seems to have some coherent plan about what they want to knit and when. I just have whims. And I did buy that little red notebook for a reason - my knitting notebook which I do carry with me everywhere but have yet to actually write anything about knitting in. So - reformed as I am - I shall make a list. Tomorrow. Maybe. It's probably a good idea anyway.

Lastly, I promise, I'm sorry some people who read regularly can't coment anymore. It was the spam that drove me to it.


Nickerjac said...

All my knitting is on a whim

Jennifer said...

I've got plans for what I'd like to knit, but I often change my mind.

becks said...

hello lixie -
just wanted to say hi as a fellow london knitter who just found your blog through mooknits becky.
i love your blog! will be back for more...

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