Monday, 10 October 2005

So where the hell have I been?

Well I’ll tell you. I’ve been in no-ninternet-land for what seems like years. I have been too busy to blog and too busy to even check my emails so apologies to those of you who have not heard from me. I have also been too busy still to put my photos on a computer so am still pissing you all off with a pictureless post. As a make-up-don’t-break-up effort I am supplying some websites which have recently come to my attention. It all started with My Cat Hates You which is a true representation of the cat psychology. It went on to Stuff on my Cat and has since degenerated into Cats in Sinks and now Kitten War. I promise you it can not get lower than this. Although I do not promise to keep that promise.

Have just been to a bar to meet a friend for lunch. He’s all down cause of various stuff but also managed to be late which meant I was already one cocktail up when he got there and then ordered another while we were waiting for food (fishfinger sandwich – The Social on Little Portland Street, W1 is the best place for chilling and eating while taking a pause from Oxford Street). So am now a leetle bit pissed. Now you know me, I don’t enjoy hearing about other people being drunk but I am actually quite enjoying this. You see Narinder’s back and so the pressure is off and it looks like the new job will start in about 2 weeks so everything is tickety boo except for this cough/cold combo I’ve got going on. But it’s not incapacitating me and healthwise everything else seems hunky.

Went to a wedding at the weekend. Actually you know let’s just skip to the end of this story and say the groom is being operated on today to properly close his artery and try to rejoin the tendons in his hand. Because as sad and worrying as that was something even more monumental happened on the train back – and this goes to show the skewed way I now view life. ONE OF MY DENISE NEEDLE CABLES SNAPPED. And I mean it just broke where the little black bit is supposed to sink into the blue cabley bit. And I was right in the middle of a row on an aran jumper and so have now lost a load of twists. Am well annoyed. But seem to remember those bad boys come with a lifetime guarantee so will be getting that replaced asap. Apart from that I am totally in love with my denise’s and it’s almost like straights are a thing of the past. Circular is now my default.

Did I even post a comment about my SP sending me the wickedest parcel ever? I can’t remember – yes memory still slightly screwed. But she did and may get some pictures up here sometime before the end of the year. Plus my SP recipient has surfaced and will be receiving a parcel shortly after ally pally.

OMG ally pally is so soon! Am really looking forward to it. Anyway, all this concentrating is making my eyes wobble. Just going to go and have a little lie down under my desk….weeebl weeble…


Jennifer said...

Glad to *see* you again, and hear that everything is ok with you. Looking forward to pics!

Tracy said...

Crikey, sounds like one heck of a wedding! Hope you get the Denise set sorted, do you reckon you'd have to send it back to the US though. I've not checked mine to see what it actually says. (Let's be honest here, I didn't even know they had a lifetime guarantee so that's a bonus!)

Yvonne said...

Come to Ally Pally for a rest, relax, knit and enjoy yourself!

C x said...

The good news is Denise Needles are covered by warranty for damage so you can get the part replaced for FREE !

In the first instace I'd contact the UK supplier that you bought the set from and ask if they can resolve the matter for you.

Hope things pick up for you and you have a good time with National Knitting week.

Kate said...

It all sounds a bit hectic - nothing like my life, of course. Am toying with coming to Ally Pally on Thursday - but, you know, I'd just buy stuff. Rosy Fingered Dawn is giving even more major headaches than normal. As for the knots in the yarn - don't get me started.

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