Friday, 28 October 2005

Strike 2!

PSst, I wrote this yesterday because I actually am busy today. So much to read.....

So guess what? No internet at home. It didn’t work *shock*. But after all I have just started a new job (day 2 and counting) and so it’s not like I have any actual work to do yet or anything. In fact people keep asking me how it’s going and I keep saying ‘fine’ but actually I don’t see what I’m supposed to fill my time with. The stuff he asked me ‘to start investigating’ I wrapped up this morning with about 2 hours of googling and some well placed emails. And he seems rather over-worked to talk to me much. Plus the whole point of the job is that I am a self-starter so really I shouldn’t be abusing the IT facilities by just randomly writing my blog in a word document while it might look like I’m working. A*n*y*w*a*y….

So yes, knitting huh? Actually let me get a grip because I did go to knitting group last night in lovely golders green and had a ball. Nikki gave me the full rundown on sugar and why byrne-must-not-eat-it and she actually made it make sense and made it seem practical. Anyone wanting any nutrition advice go seek her out. Laura was there just being lovely as always. Julie has kicked her husband out, her daughter is now a crochet and knitting master (mistress?) despite abhorring the sight of her mum knitting up to about a month ago. Liz was on good post-wedding form. Joanne and the two women who’s names I can’t remember were there too and also f.a.b.. Feel like I’ve forgotten someone but not sure who. Anyway – I learnt bucketloads, and not just about sugar. Woo ha! It was basically a good evening because earlier on I had met up with lovely friend Louise and given her the curlywhirly scarf I made in james c brett marble and it looked wonderful on her and she seemed to really love it. She has asked for another in peacock blue and I admit I just happened to be on the woolly workshop website earlier and just happened to spot some cherry tree hill in a shade called ‘peacock’ and might have just happened to have bought a skein. Bad byrne but then she is my bestest friend and I’ll love doing it for her knowing that she’ll love receiving it.

Have been thinking many crafty thoughts recently – a lot of which revolve around fimo clay. Making crochet hook ends out of it. Covering cutlery handles with it. Fashioning circs with it (darling Pooch bought me some dowel rod as a kiss-and-make-up-present so I will be able to get going on my large, short circ experiment). Basically going to be a fimo weekend (I haven’t forgotten SP5 that I promised you a knitting badge from the next batch too!).

So anyway….my little sister who is 17 came and stayed the night with a 14 year old girlie mate on tues and do you know what? Neither of them had ever seen an episode of the A-team, or Dallas! How is it possible to live like that? I was trying to explain something to them and found we basically had no cultural references in common (yes, the A-team is cultural by god). They just didn’t do the 80’s at all and now they keep saying words I don’t know and everything is ‘random’ and there are specific groups of people. Chavs I knew about, pikeys I had heard of, but emo’s? Apparently they wear drainpipe trousers but there’s more to it than that and I just don’t get it. It was on this visit that the scales fell from her eyes and I have been unmasked as the ‘totally not cool older sister’ that I always feared I was.

OK, two more things. One: I got heavily into making stitch markers again but check out these little darlings….
Image hosted by

I got the beads from ebay (where else?) and they are little glass cats. Got a couple of other things from her actually. If I can find the seller ID I will link to it but no promises. I have bought some leather cord or thong or whatever it is so I can wear them like a necklace pendant. They are just so cute.

And the second thing?
No, I can't go on. Fatigue hits again. Will keep you guessing....


blueadt said...

Nice to see you back again.

NikolaAnne said...

Very glad I made sense. I like to help, and I have lots of this sort of knowledge in my mind!

Gosh, those little cat stitchmarkers are just darling!

Swap you a couple of mine for a couple of those if you want! ;-)

Woolly Wormhead said...

Love those stitch markers... I want some now!

Jess said...

cute beads. v. envious....

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