Tuesday, 1 November 2005

Just a quickie

STILLLLLLLLLLL no internet. BT - I want you to know that now when I say these two letters I kind of spit a bit as well so don't be standing in front of me when you ask me about how this is going. As an interim here is my leaving/arriving cake I had in the office... isn't it sweet? Chocolate of course (Nikkie - this was ordered before I talked to you I swear!!)

Am *so* into crochet. (I think I might have a new first love but don't tell UKHK or Pooch) and so am off to John Lewis to purchase some stuff suitable for japanese toys. I, ahem, do not have the 4-ply acrylic necessary for kiddie toys. (Why the hell am I doing kiddie toys - I loathe children. Anyone have a 2 year old they think would like them get in touch and you can have them! Otherwise they'll be charity shopped!)


Jennifer said...

What kiddie toys are you making? I'm always interested in hearing about toy patterns. Crochet right?

mf said...

I have a 3y.o what kind of toys and where can I find the patterns....;o)))
Nice cake YUMMM! Chocolate!

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