Sunday, 27 November 2005

National Geographic

Oh I'm so excited (and so sad) I just got actually out of my lovely deep hot bath just to blog and am now too excited to use commas and everything.

National Geographic UK edition, about a third of the way in, Dec 2005 edition...
Image hosted by
And in that basket?
Image hosted by
And surely they must be talking about Colinette here?
Image hosted by
And the flshed out name is "Peru".
Image hosted by
And I'm pretty sure there is some regia ringels in there only the german arrow is pointing to some weird other stuff.
Image hosted by

I know I really shouldn't be so excited about this but....It's NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. This magazine rules the journalistic world. I am an avid fan and read *every* edition cover to cover even when the topic doesn't interest me. Wow, dude wowowowowowowowowow. Ahem. WOW.


Nickerjac said...

Thats it I'm off to find a copy first thing, do you think this means that knitters have now become acceptable in the acedemis world :)

Jennifer said...

I'd heard about the article, but that layout is really cool! We knitters have "made" it!

NikolaAnne said...

Erm, what page Number Lixie?

mariko said...

I luv national geographic too, and now must go find that article and frame it, lol! Ah, the marriage of my two favorite things...a match made in heaven!

Anne said...

Wow!!! Indeed!

Jess said...

Must find a copy asap... thanks for blogging about it!

Sending good vibes to Pooch for Friday (sorry Pooch, don't know you at all... but tests are a bummer - it is years since I have had an ecg-whatchamacallit... but it was fun to watch my own heart).

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