Thursday, 24 November 2005

Two idiots

Pooch and I are at last united in our experiences, opinions and body cycles - we both have exactly the same symptoms with the same severity at the same time. It's quite sweet really. Means he came and woke me up from a little nap (OK it was about 4 hours) telling me I'd need some paracetamol because his head was hurting. 5t has its downpoints though as well. We've been at home together all day and he is feeling too poorly to actually act on any manly impulses but this doesn't stop him alternating between pushing my 'byrne germed' lips away and going for a quick fumble.

Did some kool aid dyeing this afternoon pre-nap. Made a 12 metre skein (I may be exaggerating slightly) and hand painted it with concentrated kool aid which made my nose hurt. Then steamed it. Yet to rinse out the results but....frankly the colours look quite horrible because I've done my usual trick of getting more excited about changing colours than the actual colours involved.

I am still off to this conference tomorrow although the only reason really is because I know they have a sauna and I'm hoping that will help a bit.

All my stitch marker lots on ebay sold within 12 hours - i think offering the free postage was the killer touch. Will have to bang out some more in time for xmas!


Fred said...

Dr Fred says plenty of vitamin C! Shame you're not coming to Harrogate as could use their spa :)

Jennifer said...

Sending you good health vibes!

NikolaAnne said...

Sending good health vibes as well!

BTW, what is is about men that when they get sick, tehy get horny???

*shrug* LOL!

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