Monday, 12 December 2005

New eyebrows

Never mind all this face transplant stuff - I've got new eyebrows. Apparently they were there in the undergrowth all this time but today they were revealed, pink and naked, to the world. But first, brace yourselves. How many fricking freckles?
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Where did they all come from? I was always under the impression there was just a smattering of main ones, not all these littl'uns. I look like a moon.

So back to some knitting stuff. Today I have finished the most amazing hot water bottle for Mr Joe Milner-Moore and Miss Elinore Lyons. Joe said "This is the best furry hot water bottle I've ever had" (he said that just now - I just gave it to him about 30 seconds ago.) It is knit out of one strand of stylecraft gypsy (Soooooo soft) and one of some machine wash wool that I hand dyed with the old kool aid.
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Have also been putting some more work in on the ladybird socks. Plus the never ending shawl. Oh, for post xmas wonderfulness. I need to start compiling a list of future projects. No time like the present...
  1. The tubey jumper from the current knitty.
  2. Cabled socks in the cherry tree hill yarn I got at ally pally
  3. (Finish) the leaf jumper from loop-d-loop
  4. (Finish) the kaffe fasset v-neck tank top in the 'small circles' pattern
  5. Patchwork something or other using the hexagon template Rob is making me.
  6. I really need to put these in the side bar...feel free to suggest others!


Jennifer said...

Ack! Another list of to do projects! I'm avoiding/hiding from mine...

NikolaAnne said...

Bah, come and be Meme Tagged instead! ;-)

Becky said...

Mmmm - that hot water bottle cover looks really snuggly - if I turn the a/c up really high - I might need one ! Your list looks good to me - not too much, but just enough - that tubey jumper seems to be really popular: I love it too.

Annarella said...

Your freckles look so cute!:)

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