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Showing posts from March 13, 2005

Still not quite sure

but what the hell, at least the pics are coming up now.

So here is the finished bag and it hasn't left my side since it dried. It can carry so much and is really strong - yippee.

Also the socks for Narinder. I made the toe a bit pointier than the pattern suggested by doing an extra row of k2tog. I prefer them that way though. Have started the pair for Ash in blue worsted which I'm really not enjoying knitting with. Am knitting it double to get them over faster.

Have been wondering what to start next. Knitting when the weather is warm is a bit disheartening. I spent most of last summer knitting this white cotton top and it turned out too big and really nasty. I didn't even rip it - just sent it straight to the charity shop. I couldn't bear to look at it!

I really like the iva rose vintage knits that I ordered ( but need to check out the guage and likely sizes as the patterns don't give any - just the yarn you're supposed to use.
Narinder's socks - pretty in pink (hell, she chose it)
The finished bag! Already full of unnecessary stuff...
And the handle
Unfelted bag in all its glory

OK, I'm in

Have been soundly peer-pressured into starting a blog by the Golders Green knitting group. (Meets at Starbucks by GG tube every Wed night 6-9pm).

Having remembered today to start the blog (to allay fear of reprisal on Wed) I've now forgotten my camera so my first pair of two needle socks and the finished booley bag are going to go unremarked until at least Wed now.

In the meantime, here if the unfelted booley bag. It looks *so* good felted - I just love this merino roving I got from Wingham Wools.

Am still a bit tentative about all this blogging. Am sure I'll get better with time.