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Showing posts from March 20, 2005

Moving day cometh

Have nicely timed a strained back to coincide with moving. Is rather inhibiting my packing but hopefully it will loosen up today so I can finish tomorrow afternoon.

I have decided to start Elspeth on p.39 of the latest Rowan mag. I have some calmer left over in a really nice red shade that I got in the John Lewis sale at Xmas and it is just enough to do it. I do like these little bolero things although I'll have to be careful what I wear them with. OK, actually that's not true. My thought was I'd have to be careful otherwise it might look like I have no waist and I don't want people to think I have no waist.

As you can tell, the psychological reprogramming hasn't moved on much in the last few days although at least now I recognise more when I am doing it.

My home business idea moves on - all I need (all!) is to find out about customs rates for importing stuff from America. Is proving difficult. I have emailed HM customs and excise but they have a 10 day turn around. M…

Head screwer

I had a therapy session today and during it we worked out that I totally don't value anything I do/can do because of basicallyhaving a poo childhood and the only times I value things is when they are externally praised. So that would explainwhy I am actually quite happy about keeping a blog and have posted so many photos. I will have to reflect on how this effects my next kniting project. I mean, how do I know what I want to knit?How can I tell it's not just wanting to knit something others will like? What could I knit that would just make me happy, and not anyone else? Or have I got the wrong end of the stick? Can you findhappiness in knitting, or should I just have another muffin?

Poo poo poo. Knitted poo. Almost crocheted poo.

And whatever you do, don't answer these questions. It'll only make it worse if someone indicates their approval of a certain path...
Ahhhhh. Baby socks.
Yuk. Only til Friday though, then I get to stack the boxes in a new location.

Pink makes a come back and packing it all up - a scene of devestation

Actually I did go back to pink pretty quickly. These tiny socks are from the same pattern and in the same wool as the others but are for Luke's as yet unborn baby.

I move house on Friday and have found my stash, which basically didn't exist in December, now fills FOUR boxes. Pooch likely to be sarcastic about this. I am in two minds about what to do as at the moment 3 of the boxes are the see through plastic ones. I could...
Put them in cardboard boxes and mislabel them and enter into a life of deceipt and treachery, hiding it wherever I can. Prepare myself for a life where whenever I complain about Pooch's ever growing stack of programming books he will counter with sniffy comments about my stash. I think it's going to have to be 2. You just can't hide much in a two bedroom flat. Not that that's my reason of course. My reason is that I can not start living with the man I intend to make my first husband while also fibing massively about the true boundaries of my …
Frilled edging all done and sleeve in place. Got the frill by knitting either 2 or 3 stitches into every one on thye last row then casting off.

Just to prove I can use colours other than pink

I have been working on this bolero (I hate that word, I call it a shrug even though it isn't) for what seems like an eternity but is really only since the end of Feb or so. I am so near to finishing it! At the knitflick at the Ritzy on Saturday (The Life Aquatic - I loved it. Highly recommended) I did some more of the ribbing along the left edging. Then on Sunday I stitched up the sides, finished the back ribbing (hate knitting with circs so did it in three straight sections then stitched them together) and put one of the sleeves in. How happy am I? I have done the other sleeve, I just need to put it in.