Monday, 11 April 2005

Dude, bigger problem

Not only have I neglected my blog all this time but I have now lost the ability to post pictures to it. Naturally I am not going to concentrate on things that have gone wrong recently but my god, just as well I don't believe in one otherwise I'd think they were giving me a sign to massacre all Lloydsbank employees and computer manufacturers.

The saddest thing about this whole picture dearth is that I have started and finished the world reknown 'clapotis' in the uraguayan chunky stuff I got from hipknits. They are having a clear out to make room for new stock which sounds very enticing. I am so broke this month though, and going to have to reign in a bit. The cost of moving I guess.

However, I am making plans to spend money at I have this spinning course in two weeks so as long as I like that I'm renting a car and staying in this georgian place near cocklemouth.

Oooooo I'm in such a bad mood. Partly because I just bought this stash sorting software for my ipaq and can't get it to work... I have been emailing a nice man called Robert somwhere in america for two days now and it still won't go. And I'm tired, and I still haven't ripped that sari silk that I couldn't post a picture of anyway and and and....Ooooooo.

My business plans are going along nicely. I have done a load of market research by sending out questionnaires to plucky volunteers from the UKHK group so have now got a ton of stuff to analyse. I keep wondering whether it will work though, and whether it will be worth the hassle of the extra work. I really shouldn't think about this when I'm in such a stinky mood though!

Will have another go at sweet talking amir into installing the hello software for me. Actually, hell. I'm just going home. I give up.
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