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Showing posts from May 15, 2005

Off to blackpool

Just seen Kate's blog with the heirloom shawl on it. Wow. Was just hesitating about a kid silk haze scarf in a magazine called 'Knitters' or something like that. Really think it is time to go for something lacy and insubstantial. Will make sure I pack the ball Pooch gave me along with the pattern.

Mum has sent me the vogue baby blankets 2 book as it was damaged when it arrived at her book shop so she got it for free. Or that's what she says. I've been thinking about knitting a blanket for ages and they do have some really nice ones. Was thinking about a kind of afghan done a square at a time and then just randomly stitched together.Guess it would be a way to use all those odd balls of wool I always end up buying 'just to try'.

Spoke to Dr P about the adverse reaction to reducing anti-d's. He said it was 'just' a sign my brain wasn't ready yet. But then had therapy with Louise and she confirmed that it's pretty unusual to have such a strong…


Everyone on UKHandKnitters has been really nice and so I am feeling better about my disaster now. Will try knitting it double as Claire suggested. Will be nice and warm! May all the Gods shine on comment leavers too!

I have two pics to show off after Pooch owned up to hiding the camera lead. The first is of my third attempt at drop spindling. The thing is, what do I do with it now? Might have a look at some felting pattern books.

The second is what lovely Pooch bought me for our anniversary, finally posted up here. He is really lovely, even though he expects me to get excited about Star wars but isn't excited about International Knitting in Public Day. (

I am organising a picnic and a visit to Loop (the new Islington shop in London) on 11th June to be the London part of the celebration. Shoudl be dead exciting!

Just fricking shoot me now

Once upon a time I bought a Kaffe Fasset book and marvelled at the patterns and the colour mixes and the skill and and and And so I spent many hours deciding on colours and sent an order off to Texere. Then I didn't like half the colours when they arrived and so I went to John Lewis and spent much more time choosing replacement colours for those I hadn't liked. Then I paused - safe in the knowledge that I had my lovely wool, I had my pattern, I had the needles, I just needed to wait for the moment to take me. And tonight, this very night, just 10 minutes ago, that moment arrived.

I have bought 4-ply instead of DK.

I am in complete turmoil.

Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Fricking knitting and fricking wool and fricking colours and gosh darn kaffe fasset may all his colours fade.

OK. This need not be a disaster. I could rework the pattern for the new stitch guage. The extremely complicated pattern....which I probably wouldn't now have enough wool for....remain calm....Aaaaaaaaarrrrrggggghhhh…