Friday, 24 June 2005

Pooch the Llama

I was just playing with nickejac's fish on her blog and found myself with a Llama. If you put your mouse on it's head/neck and hold down the left mouse button the llama makes a noise just like a contented Pooch (put the sound on on your computer)! I'll leave it up here til he notices it. Poor long suffering pooch!

OK, this is definitely the last post for today x

Isn't it saturday?

Yay for day's off. Boo for days when you can't afford woolfest. Yay for days when you can at least do something special for £30. Big yay for painting pottery blanks and then getting to pick them up 5 days later all glazed and fired. No pics I'm afraid but I did a huge plant pot in 4 different designs on different quarters. Then did a green and yellow tea mug for Pooch as those are the colours he wanted. Then I just couldn't resist a really curvy mug and writing 'knitter' across it in red and blue - jasper johns 0-9 style. I love those paintings. Must be one I can link to somewhere....
Image hosted by
Found one. I *L*O*V*E* this guy's stuff - especially the numbers. And this drawing here is probably my all time favourite. I'd forgotten how much I liked it. Really ought to get a print from somewhere.

So I had a fandabbydocious day. Knitting and parcels this morning, painting and cool weather this afternoon, thunder storm and sushi this evening and now Moonraker on tv (Pooch at a new order concert - weirdo). Not the best bond film but not the worst either. I find it quite sweet that Jaws ends up with a girlfriend at the end. Yay - am in a really good mood. Yipppppeeeee

The inevitable has happened

So naturally the first knit happens parcel has turned up. Now I'll have to fork out to post it back. Tsk, just about cancels out my savings I made by getting 10% off in the first place. Ah well. So now I'm confused. Is this the parcel the postman tried to deliver on monday or is it a different one. And if it is a different one, where is the one the postman was supposed to deliver. TEDIOUS.

So sorry secret pal for being so impatient and thinking you had dispatched something to me already - I will wait patiently now. I have planned the next stage of spoiling my own pal - a wicked bag with tonnes of pockets I'm going to embellish. Won't put a pic up until it's safely received just in case she has worked out who I am.

Am also planning to make this bag after seeing it on blueadt's blog. Is even nicer than the one I was planning for.

So I wanted to go here today to paint myself a plant pot and maybe some egg cups as we don't have any....but am waiting around for the postie so day is leaking away from me. Hope the parcel comes soon - will give up at 1pm and shoot over there. Now must let know the good news about the parcel.

Thursday, 23 June 2005

NW Knit together

We were jumping last night - so many people came plus Amelia who was trying us out after being a Liberty devotee for ages. Here we all are:
Image hosted by
Ann finished her first sock, using opal.
Image hosted by
What I really love about the group is that you can just sit their and knit or you can learn loads of stuff off others. Last week Mary taught me a new way to sew together. This week Janes taught Ann kitchener stitch so she could finish the toe of her sock nicely.
Image hosted by
Fun for everyone!

Tuesday, 21 June 2005

Flat fiction

You'd think I was making it up - but I got home at about 8.20pm tonight to find what looks like 3 bullet holes in the glass in the corridor door plus spots of blood and the flat next to ours has had its door bashed half in. It took 9 minutes to get through to the local police station and then they said they couldn't tell me whether it had been dealt with already but someone would phone me back if there was any danger. Greek techno has just started upstairs. There is some sort of jean michelle jare or however you spell it going on on the ground floor and here are Pooch and I in the middle. Pooch dignified the situation by eating camembert on proper cheese biscuits, which I'm grateful for. He is a point of sanity to which I cling in an otherwise mad world.

Who needs CSI when they've got stratford?

So am DEFINITELY ringing the agent tomorrow to see if we can move out sooner.

As a result of all this knitting done = nil. Understandable I feel in the circumstances! However, I have started counting stitches in time with my heartbeat to help go to sleep. Knit one takes 2-3 heartbeats. Purl takes about 3. I'm doing a 1x1 rib at the moment. Might try a 2x2 tonight just to spice things up. That's if I do sleep tonight. We'll probably all be murdered in our beds.

Ah, the south africans downstairs have started their mating calls to the women of the neighbourhood. Life is complete.

Monday, 20 June 2005

Summer time, and am feeling sickly

Off work today - feel like poo. Think is the aftereffects of not sleeping properly all weekend but also got really bad sore throat. Ok, enough gloom.

Clapotis continues well.
Image hosted by

I was rather surprised to find the pink and blue in it but I guess Noro know what they are doing and Pooch seems to really like it and he's dead fussy so it must be OK. It looks uneven at the mom because the left end has had the stitches dropped but the right hasn't. This is about 60% done. The yarn is all from and I had a 10% discount code (now long expired). I get them occasionally from a mailing list I belong to - next time they email me I'll put the "how to subscribe" bit on here as it is quite good. On the subject of discounts Iva Rose has buy one get one free on all her vintage pattern books until 4th July. She is really nice and the service is very good.

Have picked a bad day to be off work - wimbledon has started so all tv is dominated by that. Knitting and audio books I think.

Sunday, 19 June 2005

a bad connection means a bad post

I spent ages writing one on friday night and then had the same experience as andrea - lost it all. So here it is in summary:

The parcel waiting for me was from 'Get Knitted' and was wickedy wa.
Image hosted by
On the left is the debbie bliss soho that I hadn't seen before and think I will make into anothere felted bag. Just not sure because do I really want a felted wool bag in this weather? But then it will never last so yes, I guess I do. In the middle is the brown noro for me muvver's clapotis for xmas. Am starting early. Have actually got quite far with that but can't find camera to take a pic so will leave that for now. Then on the right is red noro which is for me. A little cardigan I think.

It is so fricking hot. About 32 degrees I understand. I am staying well away from the sun as I will sizzle even with all the sunblock in the world on me. Have been working on clapotis and the kaffe fasset but is hot and sticky so not that good for wool. Was going to have another go with the knitting machine but just can't be bothered.

Pooch and I have decidedto definitely move when the 6 months is up here. Will be extra expense as I'm still recovering from the cost of the last one but this place is like an international student hostel and we want somewhere a bit more grown up plus Pooch doesn't like the area. Speaking of Pooch here is his latest portrait. He spent most of last weekend rebuilding his computer and here can be seen doing some of the final finishing! Image hosted by
A lovely bum x

Just saw the comments on my last post - the web address is but they don't have any yarn on their website nor does the stuff they have correspond to debbie bliss colour codes as it is all discontinued or slightly off shade. It's all perfect though and all the stuff on cones in 1p a gram so I figure it's worthy the risk. A lovely woman called sheila is there mon-fri and she describes the colours really well.
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