Saturday, 2 July 2005

Here's one I made earlier

Feeling slightly more alive now, but probably only because I am contemplating an early night. At my age (which cranks up to 27 on Monday) one just can not live this kind of life. Yes, folks, you heard right. The Byrne is entering her 27th year on Monday and celebrating this fact with a 4th july theme party tomorrow (on a school night - which is freaking everyone out) so likely no postings. Should anyone be feeling generous I have had all my presents this year from So far I have had chickens, water sterilisers, carers for aids children, sheep (of course - woo ha sheep), blankets and cooking sets. I get these wicked really quality cards sent to me in the post with a message form my loved one inside and telling me what they've 'bought' on my behalf. It means no pretending to like all the blah one usually gets for one's birthday and no having to find somewhere to keep it in case someone ever asks to borrow it back. Makes me feel like I really got exactly what I wanted for my birthday.

Have spent the day on the sofa knitting more or less no stop. The body of the 2nd charity cardi is all done as is half one sleeve. I have finished a pair of socks I've been knitting for about a month already...
Image hosted by
I'm feeling contrary so have put them upside down - it's not like my feet bend at a weird angle or anything. So all this camera work means I have managed to take pics of the sock yarn and silk.
Image hosted by
This is the sock wool, in case there was any confusion.
Image hosted by
This is the silk. 400g of it! Trudie not only has gorgeous stuff she also packs it up all lovely like.

27. Twenty seven. Hum.

Oh dear

Now I don't drink really. Or if I do it will be one or two drinks about once a month. Last night I went to Arun's to play poker. £20 in the pot and then 1st, 2nd and 3rd share the doings. I came fifth to not so good. But I also managed to finish most of the dooleys that I had left there a couple of weeks ago when Arun had a party. That night I only had 2 glasses. Last night I had a lot lot more.

It is difficult to write about as I loathe stories that start "I was sooooo drunk and..." and I hate hearing about what people do when they are inebriated. So boring. And I am largely of the opinion that people are just acting up and using it as an excuse to be an antisocial arse when they do do stupid things. And even though I had had a lot there was no hysterics, no clothing went missing, I said nothing I wouldn't be prepared to say in front of...not my mother but Pooch, say. Basically I just had a laugh.

The other problem I have with drinking to excess is where people want sympathy for self-inflicted hangovers. Ah, yes. Now I'd like to reconsider this. People do not deserve sympathy unless you owe them for a time they were sympathetic to you in the past. Which brings us to Pooch. I have sympathised a lot in the past and so have been expecting him to reciprocate. While he has been a ministering angel he has also been taking the opportunity to take the piss. Pooch has no poetry in his soul. To further prove my point this is me half dead while he just watches TV.
Image hosted by

You will note that I am (attempting) to knit on circulars. I think it's too early to say I am a convert but I like the cut of their jib.

I was going to put pics of the sock wool etc up but I just can't be bothered. I see an afternoon of minimal movement ahead of me.

Before I is the little jumper for feed the children. The one I've cast on on circulars has some eyelash yarn in pink being knitting in at intervals.
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Friday, 1 July 2005

No pics for today doooooooooode

Left the camera at home - have finished the little jumper and have started another......ON CIRCULARS. Shock, horror, gasp, other exclamations. Yes, it's true. The straight needle queen is biting the bullet and mixing her metaphors all the way to circular needles. I've cast on in the same red yarn and am on my third row (wow, etc, I know). Is so much effort but will get there eventually.

Got my designs sock wool in the post...hang on, I have a webcamera right? So where's it gone then....OK am I allowed to get depressed again because my camera has uninstalled itself and the guy with the admin password left the building about 10 minutes ago? No, right fair enough. Am using my immense intelligence to the think outside the box and laterally problem solve. Oh yes.

Right well that just puts the lid on it. Scanner isn't working. Sod this. I'm off for a night of texas hold-em as the only gal and no I am not going to cook the fricking pizza. Although then they'd all have to retire from the game to recover and I would be the victor. Wooooooo hahahahahahaha

Secret Pal - the parcel STILL hasn't arrived. Am really worried about it. Is there anyway I could trace it from this end? Airmail has been rubbish recently though so I'm hoping it will just turn up in time if I'm patient. Not good at patience though.

All those that have commented recently - you are wicked bad and fab and lush and all the other words that make me laugh. It means a lot to me to know there are people rotting for me out there (rooting in the UK sense - not the boot knocking one. Although feel free if you really want to. )

Thursday, 30 June 2005

New blog to read She's hilarious. Buggery frick I am so bad with names - the fellow knitter I met at golders green last night - you are wicked fab but I have forgotten your name already. Sorry :(

Anyway - she told me about her. Would recommend a read.

Bloggers are lovely

Thanks to everyone who commented or emailed me direct about my bad day yesterday. It really means a lot - you are all great. Have made an appt with my consultant to review my meds next week so hopefully something positive will come from that. Boss astonished me by spontaneously apologising to me this morning. Must be all the bad karma readers of yesterday's post were sending him...!

Wednesday, 29 June 2005

First the knitting

Was touched by the Feed the Children appeal for jumpers so took the shiny red yarn I got on ebay but never really liked texturally (I LOVE the colour and the shiny glittery bits and it is soft but something about it makes me feel uncomfortable - no I can't explain it) and started a very plain little thing.
Image hosted by
And then here is branching out that I tried in not particularly good wool. Looks quite pretty though.
Image hosted by

Then the rest

Have annoyingly allowed myself to have a suicidal spree of thinking this morning. All because my boss just (rather unnecessarily but fairly predictably) took the piss in a team meeting when I made a comment. That started me thinking about moving job and that started me thinking about not knowing what to do. So then that started me thinking about how the whole concept of 'obsolescence' is what put me in hospital with the depression anyway and that got me thinking about how much longer it was going to take to get better and THAT left me thinking about whether I'd made the right choice not to top myself at the time. All this thinking took about 3 milliseconds which left me slapped round the face with the wet fish of suicide in the middle of a team meeting with my boss laughing at me. Now have to dig myself out of the hole I just fell in. Thankfully it is knitting at golders green tonight so that should lift my spirits a bit.

Tuesday, 28 June 2005

Is it a dog or a dinosaur?

Now I don't like dogs....but I wouldn't do this to one. Identity crisis surely?
Image hosted by

Just finally gave in to the designswool closing down sale ( - yarns at 40% off rrp). Was the sock yarn that got me. I was already planning to get it for xmas presents but had told myself to wait for ally pally. But why pay full price there when I already know what the quality is like? Also did a bad thing and got 10 balls of cargo from suzysheepshop for £25 inc postage. Is the pale grey colour. I just really like the feel of it when it's knitted up in John Lewis.

Is there some sort of 7 step programme I can go on to help me stop buying wool? Seriously - someone let me know.

Monday, 27 June 2005

Knit knit knitting....

Sent a postcard to my SP today. Well...I really liked it when I got one from mine so I thought I would pass on the happiness.

Finally a knitting pic:Image hosted by

This is what I am currently busting my gut (although not really - nice belly being nurtured on the byrne personage) over. Except I am doing it in bright red (Yes, I do knit in red a lot) with short cap sleeves. Have almost done the back which knitted up really fast in the cotton cashmere I got from coldspring. Lovely to knit with!

I finally caved in to peer pressure concerning the closing down sale. It was all the talk of sock wool that did it. I kept thinking I'd hold off til Alexandra Palace but that will be full price whereas this is all reduced. Will see what they have left.

Pooch and I had a heart to heart yesterday as we had rather a large disagreement in buckhurst hill of all places. We went there to feed ducks. No ducks but there was a summer fete. Disagreement about whether we should go or not followed by lots of other accusations as is always the way when such things kick off. We made up but I am going to make more of an effort to be interested in his stuff. Have made him my new secret pal, just without the secret bit!

Just found the MIT survey on Nickerjac's blog. The button is in the list on the left and says 'I made some science' which makes a difference to 'I made a jumper' I guess! Click on it to do the survey - only takes 10 mins.

Sunday, 26 June 2005

Isn't it saturday #2

Them downstairs had another party last night. Had to wait up til 1am to let the noise police in but that did actuallystop them thank god. Means Pooch and I are both v tired today as neither of us are good at lie ins mores the pity. It might appear I haven't been up to much knitting-wise over the weekend but it's just not true. It's just that I forgot to take my meds yesterday until about 3pm and so felt like poo. I find it astonishing that I've been taking these pills non-stop for 18 months now and it's still not automatic to take them. What a weirdo!

So I started 'birch' from knitty in the green and blue wool I bought from silkwood. Just didn't like it much - think I have chosen the wrong yarn. So have put that on a stitch holder ready to ponder for a few days. Then I started a scoop neck top in red cotton cashmere that I got from coldspring. Is a pattern I got from Julie (names=?) on Wed. That is going well but is basically stocking stitch for 35 cm. My ball winder got a lot of use yesterday winding all these skeins and cones into balls.

Pooch has objected mildly to being a llama so it will only be there til Tuesday - stroke him while you can! My sister sian is coming round today for dinner. It's OK though - Pooch is cooking so it's perfectly safe. I was going to draw a pic of sian ti put up here but Pooch's rubbish computer doesn't have a draw programme. Gosh, how useless is this laptop? Wish I had a boyfriend with a good computer.
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