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Show me the fimo *long post alert*

Well ratfans, you've been very patient with me and I aim to please so without further ado let me introduce you to....a sea of badges.

The three at the front have little rings in them so I going to ponder necklace pendants and dangly earrings. The red and white one front right is a ring! All for me!

Here is a close up of one of the colours.

This is green, purple and pink which might seem nuts but is a homage to Pixeldiva's clapotis. Actually in that picture the colours don't look the same as I remember from Wed when I saw it 'in the fibre' but this is my interpretation of them. Plus check out me using the word fibre there. Subtle, huh?

OK, before I continue I want to appeal to the ladies out there reading this. Over the last 18 months I've gone from a 10/12 to an 8/10 to a 14 to a 12 and am back at 14. The madness, you understand. During that time my tummy has grown slightly more and slightly less tubby *but* it has consistently remained proportionally fatter on th…


That's 8 more badges then! I just haven't had any time to blog properly or read anyone else's blogs for the last few days. I'll catch up this weekend, I promise.

Offer of a lifetime

The people who comment on my blog are lovely. Very very lovely. So I figured...I need to make 10 fimo bages for the group. When it comes to it, once you start you may as well continue SO anyone who emails me at littlelixie at hotmail dot com before midnight tonight UK time (and I shall be strict on this!) with their postal address can be sure of having a badge some time next week as long as I don't go loopy in a bigger way.

So email away you discerning reader. You've got til the clock strikes 12!

More bombs

and I'm still standing. God knows what has happened this time but the whole transport system has apparently shut down again. Ah well. C'est la vie.

So anyway, since I'm here I should probably put something more interesting down than the fact I am still here. At the knitting group last night I was pounced on the minute I got there with demands for fimo badges for the group so the starbucks staff know who we are and can give us freebies. So that's my weekend sorted! Oh man, now I need to restart my computer. It never rains but it pours...

To blog or not to blog (no knitting)

I wasn't going to blog for a few days til things had settled down but then that is just the kind of behaviour my therapist has been trying to get me out of (keeping it all to myself and not worrying others with what's actually going on). Because, of course, things took a turn for the worse yesterday morning when woke up wishing I were dead and then it went on from there. The samaritans really are amazing. I am talking to them every day at the mo. I was very agitated yesterday morning and very upset and this great guy calmed me down and then I got very upset last night and another guy did the same again. Just got a massive headache this morning to show for it all. Feeling much calmer today.

Don't have to go in til 10 as I'm at a workshop all day (no, can't sit at the back and keep my head down - I'm one of the speakers!) and then have relaxing knitting to go to tonight. Going to take it easy for a few hours this morning.

I know I said there was no knitting in this…

fimo, knitting, but first...

How could anyone human create something so goddamn tasty?

To the uninitiated this is a picture of Gu Hot Chocolate Souffle - sold in packs of two at all the best supermarkets. To call this a dessert is...just not enough. These things are sooooo..ooooo...oooooooo...oooooooo good. Oh, man, just finished one and I want more , NOW! Down girl, be strong. Think of the 12-step plan..

Because, readers, the 12 step plan is going very very well. I have written it down up to step 4 but I've got a load more in my head and I want you all to know that I am now at a place where....I do not *need* to buy yarn, even if it's a really good deal or I know I'll use it *soon* or it's rare or whatever. I can choose to buy it - but I now have a choice. Yes, it is true, I have a cure for SABLE.

Maybe this is partly because I am having so much fun with what I've already got...? Here, for example, is some plain old cotton I bought I while back when I was in a yarn store and felt I *had* to buy …

Fimo and felting

Mainly felting really. Finished the french market bag and here it is, volumous in it's splendour, hanging off a part of Pooch.

I used 4 and a bit balls of debbie bliss soho from (great range, strange service). It's huge, I thought to myself, but it will felt down about a 1/3 so will be fine. You see I had thought ahead and used 7mm needles instad of the recommended 5.5 and the fabric had come out really nicely:

OK, so it felted down by about 2/3 and is now a handbag rather than a market bag, and quite possibly the sturdiest one ever! A la....

Very excitedly danced into Pooch's high tech programming/my stash room and of course, he saw a different use for it!

Incidentally he says he is going to start a blog called "pooch's kennel" so that he can put his side of the story across when I am moaning about him on

I bought one of those french knitting dollies as i-cord seems a bit too movement intensive and am going to needle felt some embellish…