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Showing posts from August 28, 2005

Set a knitter to catch a knitter, or sheep.


First let up reflect on the beauty os sequins. For lo! Is there a sequin that is not as beautiful as a summer's day or as round as a circle. I love sequins but only subtly - not in those sequin cardigans or anything. So in my long-term plan to knit a lengthways scarf I am including beautiful pink sequins. Because, as I might have mentioned, I love sequins.

I might be repeating myself, but I like sequins. Hence my decision to spin yarn with the 'love' sequins in it. And even though it is only in its early stages the hat knitted of the aforementioned yarn is already adorning my head.

It has been a week of good post this week and what could be better than the first parcel form my secret pal arriving after being sent to me, returned to her as undeliverable, and sent back to me. And in it was some divine linen/viscose mix in blues.

Now I know I'm getting obsessed, but does this also say socks to you? Garter stitch or lengthways maybe? But then that would be to hide…

Repeat after me....

"I do not need chocolate. I may want chocolate. I may fear my life will end if I don't eat chocolate very soon. But this is not the case. The desire for chocolate is just that - a desire and not a need. You are a strong and knitterish woman. You do not have to obey every request your body makes. You can say no to this desire."

Or I could say yes - would that make me any less strong or knitterish?

So it would seem SecretPal6 is already getting underway (gah, signup deadline is the 3rd - why don't they tell people these things?!). I don't know though...I have really enjoyed this one but then there is the sock-a-longand christmas presents and so on. But then they do have some good buttons...Ooooo I just don't know (but as with chocolate I know I will do it eventually).

Bashed out a couple more rows on the dreamcatcher cardi last night at golders green group and then sat back to read the next chunk of the pattern. Teva, my dear, what do you think you're doing? I…

Hum hum hum, pinch him on the bum

Am just watching 'The Sting' on TV. This is definitely one of my top five films. What are the others I hear you think. I can't tell you. You'd stop reading.

So anyway, Pooch and I have had a jolly nice day lolling about and going to Greenwich via a very long route. You see someone had left their pda on the DLR. And I know that if I lost mine I would have to go through some *serious* sarcasm from John, never mind the expense and data loss and stuff. So anyway I ring the person who is marked as 'work' on the PDA address book and tell them I'll leve it at Canary Wharf. So get off at CW and there's no staff anywhere, cause it's the DLR and it's all automated. So then we (I am with the Pooch) trawl all the way across some place and past a load of shops to get to the tube station and give it in. And then we decide to have lunch in this one place called Itsu which is all the way back across the other side and right at the top except we get there and it&…


I have had quite a lot of time to think today...because the fricking cricket has replaced me as Pooch's main love. We were going to go out this afternoon but then we started bickering at lunch so we both decided we shouldn't go out in case one of us got annoyed. I am quite pleased about how we handle stuff like this.

So I have had lots of knitting and internet time. I have set up a shop at, done all sorts of things with socks and wrapped up parcels for my secret pal and my secret-pal-angel-style-person who got neglected the first time round. Been meaning to post stuff for a week already.

So with the socks...I went off the red/green dyed wool this morning so decided to swatch it and wait til I had put it through a machine wash before forming a conclusion.

So then naturally about 2 hours later later I decided I couldn't wait til tomorrow to see how the swatch turned out and knitted a sock with it. Is really cool stuff although I have had that problem where the r…