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SP6 Questionnaire

Are you a yarn snob? Yes I guess . I prefer wool and cotton to acrylic mixes. 100% acrylic is a no-no.Do you spin? Crochet? I do spin and love it! No crocheting.Do you have any allergies? Lavender, bio washing powder.How long have you been knitting? Can you knit in the womb?Do you have an Amazon or other online wish list? No sorry. What's your favorite scent? VanillaDo you have a sweet tooth? Yes! But no bits of nuts in the chocolate. I'm not allergic - I just don't like the combination.What other crafts or Do-It-Yourself things do you like to do? I make stitch markers with wire and beads. Love spinning too. Have tried most things. What kind of music do you like? Nothing in particular - all very random. I listen to lost of audio books of old style detective stories. Can your computer/stereo play MP3s? No. What's your favorite color? I love red. Most colours are good apart from dark blue. What is your family situation? I have a boyfriend. No kids, yet! No pets either al…

But seriously folks...

I was going to post about how I'd been to VV Rouleaux yesterday and got dissed again by the sloan ranger on checkout. But then someone sent me this link. (TURN DOWN SOUND OR WEAR HEADPHONES). I followed another link and ended up at this blog.
This guy is amazing. A really good writer (he seems to be a journalist) and thoughtful etc - I'm very taken with it. He's prompted me to order Tim Collin's Rules of Engagement and to look up the text of the speech he made to his men before the Iraq war started. Now I'm not a political person - I like my life to be easy and full of wool. But I have really enjoyed reading this guy's current posts and it reminds me that getting dissed by a sloan ranger is just so petty and boring. They're silly expensive anyway - much better to wait for ally pally.

In general I have been having a very boring time but am off to Mum's for R&R this weekend so won't be posting. Pooch has made her pr…

Oooo yeah

So there I was at NWKnit tog last night with that accursed teva durham cardi pattern and I'm at the point where it says 'after 1/2 an inch start to divide for sleeves' at which point it says 'join another ball of yarn'. JOIN ANOTHER BALL OF YARN????? I'm already knitting with 2 balls of yarn and this isn't intarsia, it's all one colour. So Teva wants me to have FOUR BALLS OF YARN enagaged at the same time. Yeah so I'm obviously carrying another two balls around with me.

You know what? I hate that cardigan.

It is afterall knitted with the drunk yarn. Which incidentally is shedding all over me. I hate it. From this day forth that is a ufo and I'm reclaiming my denises from it and putting it on a holder.

So instead I have inpetuously begun an alphabet blanket in the merino aran I got from coldspring. I won't forget that loop d bloody loop thing though.

my name is byrne...and i am funky

Hat finished and though I say so myself it looks rather fine as well as extremely mental.

In fact, it looks like my good self aha tra la. Now some people will tell you, the blaggards, that I only loathe dpn's because I can not use them. Aha, not so. But it is true I will avoid using them because I HATE them. Look at the suffering they cause me when I am forced to put them to work.

Have had a good but busy weekend. Pooch and I have a new flat sorted. Got it on Saturday and it's near Canada Water in docklands and even bigger than the current one. I went to Barnes to see Nikerjac in the afternoon. I know I keep saying it but I do love it down there. She also thinks that it is an actual wedding (the cast off thing) with the two named individuals who's names I can't recall actually tying (or perhaps 'knitting' fnah fnah) the knot. My flower garland yarn should be waiting for me at work today. Other things waiting for me are a hellishly busy day and news of the new jo…