Thursday, 20 October 2005

Remember me?

I know I keep saying ‘normal service will be resumed shortly’ but Pooch tells me it is definitely next Thurs. I am so dispirited though because just to compound my misery the bloody camera cable has now legged it to parts unknown so even if I bring the cemra to work I can’t get the photos from ally pally off it to put up. WOE IS FRICKING ME etc etc

So instead of talking about how cool knitting is I am going into an aside – what you might call a

Health Warning

Calling all people who believe what nutritionists say…Carob bars taste worse than anything you can imagine. No, Mr whatever, they do not taste like chocolate. They are gross, disgusting, inedible, manky, horrible, abhorrent, abominable, appalling, awful, beastly, detestable, disagreeable, dreadful, execrable, frightful, ghastly, grim, grisly, gruesome, heinous, hideous, horrendous, horrid, loathsome, lousy, lurid, nasty, obnoxious, offensive, repellent, repulsive, revolting, scandalous, shocking, terrible, terrifying, ungodly, unholy, unkind (see for more suitable alternatives).And they aren’t even cheap. I got mine on ebay as no health shop had them and they were about £1.20 each. Uuuuuurrgghhhhh. Yuk.

I have decided to get quite into hats – knitted or crocheted naturally. And so have become very fond of this website. Number 7 particularly takes my fancy. I think it is because it looks mitred and all things mitred are attracting me at the moment.
OMG do you know what I’ve forgotten to say….SkipNorth is live and waiting for you. Plus there’s an ad going into SlipKnot so if you are hoping to come along book quick or I am afraid you might miss it. It’s going to be A*W*E*S*O*M*E though I say so myself!
My poor secret pal is neglected in both directions. I haven't been bigging up the person spoling me half as much as they deserve and I haven't even managed to post my first parcel off to my actual pal yet. But getting to the first person first - secret pal I love you. You know that book about dyeing (with an 'e')? I am on a second reading as I intend to put the kemtex acid dyes I bought at AP to good use this weekend. I have red, yellow and blue so am thinking of some sort of red/blue mix as I always seem to do red/yellow. I have the lovely wool my sp gave me too know this mitred thing? Well I've got an idea for a felted mitred bag. Yeah baby. I'd say I'll put a photo up to let you know how it goes but I don't want to make empty promises.
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