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Showing posts from October 23, 2005

Strike 2!

PSst, I wrote this yesterday because I actually am busy today. So much to read.....So guess what? No internet at home. It didn’t work *shock*. But after all I have just started a new job (day 2 and counting) and so it’s not like I have any actual work to do yet or anything. In fact people keep asking me how it’s going and I keep saying ‘fine’ but actually I don’t see what I’m supposed to fill my time with. The stuff he asked me ‘to start investigating’ I wrapped up this morning with about 2 hours of googling and some well placed emails. And he seems rather over-worked to talk to me much. Plus the whole point of the job is that I am a self-starter so really I shouldn’t be abusing the IT facilities by just randomly writing my blog in a word document while it might look like I’m working. A*n*y*w*a*y….

So yes, knitting huh? Actually let me get a grip because I did go to knitting group last night in lovely golders green and had a ball. Nikki gave me the full rundown on sugar and why byrne-m…


Pooch and I have just had another loving conversation that ended in swear words so I have exiled myself to the spare room and decided to blog my little heart out – for – friends – I have managed to coordinate laptop-at-home-with-camera-and-found-cable-and-have-downloaded-photos-so-can-load-them-up-tomorrow-at-work. Woo ha!

So where was I? Of course, the amazing ally pally. I seriously loved that show. I kept within budget and everything and everything I did there was fun fun fun. I started off on Thursday on the Relax and Knit stand. In fact I started there but by the time the show started I was looking after Silkwood’s stand as Les, Tess and Nic were all caught in traffic. So that was fun (and later earned me a discount on the spellbound bead co stand!). They all arrived in time poor things and started doing things properly so I beetled back to Yvonne and did a swatch in the splash stuff in rowan’s new range. I am seriously happy I never bought even one ball of this to try.
The splashy…