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Showing posts from October 30, 2005

Last post for a week!

Last post before PARIS. Am so excited now. Seriously excited. No, more than that. So anyway have managed to get batteries charged and ready for action so here are a plethora of piccies.

First off let me finally share the curly whirly #2 which is made from the yarn my SP gave me (this only used about 1/5 of the yarn she sent me!). The colours change from red to darker red to orangey red, all very subtle and lovely. I used an 8mm crochet hook whereas it is dk yarn hence the lacy and droopyness.

The other things she sent me are here – aren’t they wonderful?

She said she had guessed my favourite colour was red so there are a whole load of sequins and beads and some shiny red cord and then the little book is wicked. An *amazing* source of info. If anyone has any madder lying about then just you let me know.

Fred has also been a wonder and sent me these cute little ladybirds. I am desperate to use them but am not sure where to stick them. Ideas people? Actually maybe a picture frame. I do absol…

Alex needs...

An angel for her fatherYou!Your helpTo customise the document to better fit the role she's seekingTo open a pizza store in MCA scapegoatYou! (again - geez I'm so needy)RooneyTo know what real pain isLessonsIs MC Michigan? I ought to check that before I go any further on this one. Am sure you've all seen this. Put "(first name) needs" into google and press return. Saw it everywhere but recently on Doodle's blog. Her list is much better than mine though!

That's Pooch's arm, right?

So I have had one offer to take the toys off my hands and one request for patterns. Well….here is the prototype monstrosity I have made and behind it is all the Japanese.

I am surviving by largely improvising and using whatever digits appear in the pattern as an indication of how many stitches I should have at that point. Naturally copying patterns is evil and robs people of their copyright and so if you email your postal address to I absolutely won’t send you a copy.

Here are some of the sweeties I plan to be making soon…

I do really love that Giraffe!

I am currently on the look out for dowel and this is how I’m going with this project so far….

(The bottom bits of course). The top bit is my latest crochet toy attempt. I am calling this one “a pooch” so how it turns out will probably depend a lot on how nice he is to me.
I have plans, people. Watch this space.

So updating you generally this is the aran jumper for my step-dad.

Is going really s..l..o..w..l..y.. but neve…

Just a quickie

STILLLLLLLLLLL no internet. BT - I want you to know that now when I say these two letters I kind of spit a bit as well so don't be standing in front of me when you ask me about how this is going. As an interim here is my leaving/arriving cake I had in the office... isn't it sweet? Chocolate of course (Nikkie - this was ordered before I talked to you I swear!!)

Am *so* into crochet. (I think I might have a new first love but don't tell UKHK or Pooch) and so am off to John Lewis to purchase some stuff suitable for japanese toys. I, ahem, do not have the 4-ply acrylic necessary for kiddie toys. (Why the hell am I doing kiddie toys - I loathe children. Anyone have a 2 year old they think would like them get in touch and you can have them! Otherwise they'll be charity shopped!)