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Bit of a catch up. But first thing's first...don't forget about this one:

More details at

So do you remember during the summer I had a dream and it told me to knit three yarns together into a skinny scarf? Of course you do. Well anyway, I never wore it so frogged it which was no easy thing as was two fancy yarns and a cotton so took ages to untangle. And have started reknitting the eyelash and the yarn I dyed two days ago together as a...actually maybe I shouldn't say....cause the recipient does check in here every now and again.

No intention in the photographic grouping although it does look quite sweetly innocent.

Found a couple of socks to photograph. This one is WIP and is fortissimo socko or whatever it's called that I got from web of wool at ally pally. I *adore* the colour changes.

The other are for pooch's dad for xmas. Town and County is the brand and the colourway is chocolate. It is VERY 70s but hey, Pooch assures me he'll love t…

Two idiots

Pooch and I are at last united in our experiences, opinions and body cycles - we both have exactly the same symptoms with the same severity at the same time. It's quite sweet really. Means he came and woke me up from a little nap (OK it was about 4 hours) telling me I'd need some paracetamol because his head was hurting. 5t has its downpoints though as well. We've been at home together all day and he is feeling too poorly to actually act on any manly impulses but this doesn't stop him alternating between pushing my 'byrne germed' lips away and going for a quick fumble.

Did some kool aid dyeing this afternoon pre-nap. Made a 12 metre skein (I may be exaggerating slightly) and hand painted it with concentrated kool aid which made my nose hurt. Then steamed it. Yet to rinse out the results but....frankly the colours look quite horrible because I've done my usual trick of getting more excited about changing colours than the actual colours involved.

I am still off…

Look what the postman brought!!!

20 packets for £8!

Ow. Self-pity central

Ow. Have got the lurgy. Again. This time it is this cold that is going around so nothing crazily awful but I still feel like poo. Enough of that though. My day confined to a house full of damp tissues will be put to good use with knitting and blogging.

I can see why my cold got worst - cause I spent 2 hours yesterday walking round regents park without my hat on. It was my first meeting with my new mentor who is a complete dude. He works as a facilitator for PWC and is the source of all kinds of knowledge. He seems fascinated by everything and I just really like talking to him. This was our 3rd or 4th meeting as I first bumped into him last year at a conference but it was the first one where I was going "so what do you think" and he was saying "Well what do you think" and so on. The meeting was so useful and really helped me think about the change management stuff I am doing at the moment and a couple of potentially awkward one-to-one meetings I've got coming up.…

Keep your friends close...

Yes people - I have finally "arrived"!!! I have, wait for it, an official enemy. I hear all the best people have one and mine is called CD (full name witheld because she'll come to her senses soon and feel all silly). Below is her most recent email...

You were not 'flamed ' by somone you were told by me remember the name i will remember yours. you are most aggresive I blame it on all the wrestling I watch. All because I complained about my pal on the UKHK list and she felt it was an inappropriate forum. She's been flaming Fred and Colin too. Poor thing. I kind of feel sorry for her as she might actually have a problem or something. Today is a two-pill day for me (the cutdown continues) and I know I feel stroppier on the two-pill days. Pooch has them marked on his phone's calender! I think of the moods more like sport now - makes it more entertaining for me to allocate points when I'm in a real stinker. Pooch's hospital tests are on Thursday....thanks…

Long long long

Having the internet at home the way it is is turning out to be almost worse than not having it at all. It keeps freezing and stopping so poor Pooch is going to be having yet more conversations with the call centres of the world.

Anyway, let's wrap up paris and then move on.

I was quite astonished at Phildar who I haven't had anything to do with before. From the outside it looks like a normal clothes shop

But on the inside (as well as the clothes) it was packed with yummy stuff and all the latest Phildar magazines.

Did I manage to buy anything? Well..... you know me. Just one or two things. From top left clockwise...

Two colours of lovely 50% wool. There were single colours as well but I just loved the red/green/purple one and this is a dream to knit with. Doesn't feel acrylicy at all and gives lovely even stitch definition. The lettuce looking one is actually called 'clapotis' and appears to be made out of j-cloth. Not my usual fair but with a name like that I kind of h…