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Let’s just stick to facts…Pooch has got some sort of slow heart rate thing which the ECG identified. The blood tests all came back normal. The doctor says he needs a 24-hour ECG to see whether the heart thing is something to worry about and is actually causing his head issues. So he may not actually drop dead but we won’t know that for sure for a while. This has led to the two of us falling out because I’m getting all het up about founding out NOW and using his health insurance to shoulder through all the admin and he is annoying because I’m moaning at him to do more and do it now and get it sorted when he already is doing it, just a bit slower than I’d like. I know I’m being a bit of a bitch but I’m freaking worried about the stupid idiot.

So to move on….new job is still going well – just got my objectives for next year which are wide and politically intriguing as there is a load of change management stuff plus a load more I won’t be able to admit to working on. Quite exciting really …

National Geographic

Oh I'm so excited (and so sad) I just got actually out of my lovely deep hot bath just to blog and am now too excited to use commas and everything.

National Geographic UK edition, about a third of the way in, Dec 2005 edition...

And in that basket?

And surely they must be talking about Colinette here?

And the flshed out name is "Peru".

And I'm pretty sure there is some regia ringels in there only the german arrow is pointing to some weird other stuff.

I know I really shouldn't be so excited about this but....It's NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. This magazine rules the journalistic world. I am an avid fan and read *every* edition cover to cover even when the topic doesn't interest me. Wow, dude wowowowowowowowowow. Ahem. WOW.