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Showing posts from December 4, 2005

Yippee yippee

Yo yodelers, let's yodel together in a fit of yodelosity. Yodeleh ee-hooo. Just felt I had to get that out there because I have had a really lovely weekend. Let's run it down in order...
Little sister came to stay with her girlfriend. Pooch got horrendously drunk and amused them with his nerdy ramblings - they'd never seen anything like it.
(She is the one in green - this is the only photo I have of her from about the last 10 years as she Does Not Do Photos.

(Byrne looks on, worrying about what nonsense will come out of Pooch's mouth next....)
Pooch was sick on saturday morning which meant he was then in a really humble mood all the rest of the weekend.Got 20% off xmas shopping at bhs and saw some really lovely towels with ducks on I want to go back and get in the sales. Joe's birthday dinner was very nice and we got a black cab home because Pooch was still feeling poorly.Slept like a fricking log and woke up feeling wonderful. Had a lovely natter natter down with Nic…