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Showing posts from December 18, 2005

I appear to have changed time zone

Slightly disturbing - am gooing through a phase of early waking just as I get to the one point in the year when this is not convinient. I guess that's probab;y why it is though. 5.30 today which is the earlist so far. Means I am knackered by 9.30 so while my mornings are elongated it's put a crimp in my xmas socilialising. Not that I'm doing much of fricking that. Bloody thing. I refer of course to the final xmas knitted xmas present - now on a very sort deadline. In fact should stop blogging and get to it.

Not sure if I'll be able to blog again before I disappear ooop north for xmas so just in case happy christmas everyone xxx I'll be back on the 27th.



The intrepid gang more or less fill the handweavers studio - Nancy understandably got flustered at having so many customers at once.

Knitting pub-style

Reaping the rewards of Kerrie's clear out - yes that is a full hank of giotto on the left.

The Giotto decidedly didn't want to be a pair of gauntlets - possibly because instead of 8mm needles I was using 4.5...

Roving, roving, everywhere...

Copper bag handles ahoy

Knitting now in the Sunday Times Magazine as well as the National Geographic.

Read for yourself

Pooch at work

Pooch about 5 hours later - note change of position - no carpel tunnel or repetitive strain for that boy.

Actually Pooch was very lovely to me all weekend. The only other news is that I have rushed out and bought a "hot to...Punch and Judy" book from Abe Books. I can recommend Abe to anyone looking for soemthing a bit off beat and second hand. They do cross list on amazon quite a lot but they're still worth a look. I got my copy £5 cheaper than the cur…