Saturday, 28 January 2006

Catch up

It has been rather a long time between posts but I have had a fair bit going on. First off here is the finished patchwork bag which is now destined to be a birthday present for mumsy in March.
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I do rather love the handles - I'd quite like to have some as bracelets. It's all nicely finished and should do her to carry her specs about.
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The stripey cardi for Yoshimi is finished. It's actually properly finished now but this was it before I did the edging and buttonholes.
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My next project for the littl'un is going to be a series of dolls. They're not for her now but for when she's a year or so so I figure I'll build up a collection of them til I've got enough for a game or something. This is going to be the first:
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Pooch and I continue with our secret pal exchange and his latest gift to me is from curious yarns.
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That's a two skein sock yarn version of 'stone' on the left. (the second, smaller skein is for the toes and heels) and a single skein of ocean on the right. I think ocean will be socks for Pooch as he is the one person I haven't actually knitted any for yet. He is rather lovely. He just got another whopping bonus on Thursday and came in rather drunk and suggested we go to New York because he knew I wanted to plus started dropping hints about rings. Valentine's Day I think would be coyly appropriate for the bended knee act.

Lastly I got given some book tokens and invested in these two.
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I have wanted the Kaffe book for ages - well, for a month, since seeing his xmas tree at the V&A. Plus the baby knit book has some lovely things in it. I've been thinking a lot about Debbie Bliss since meeting her at the walthamstow group. I think I might join her club...Maybe next month though.

I said I'd been busy and it's not in a good way. I'm not naming names but there's been some domestic violence and I was on standby to take in the hospitalised 16 year old daughter involved. She seems determined to stay in the town where she is though to finish sixth form (and I suspect because her boyfriend is there). But there have been a lot of phonecalls and plans flying about. It's made worse because there is still a five year old brother at home with the violent father and social services are very unwilling to go and even talk to the family. The friend of mine involved already had issues of their own to deal with and I've been amazed and awed at the strength they have shown. I just wish there was more I could do to help.

I had wanted to try cutting down another pill this week but with this going on I think it would be best to wait another week or two. Don't want to incapacitate myself mentally if it turns out there is something I can do to help.

So all in all it's been a mixed week.


scarletprincess said...

Wow that yarn looks beautiful... oh this yarn diet is hard! And i've probably only managed about 10days or so...

I really love the bag! I'm tmepted myself to do something like that and I've never considered patchwork before!


Cor, you are having a busy week aren't you. Lovely yarn from the Poochmiester. Good lad. Exciting NY possibilities. But also some sad, bad stuff going on. You sound like you're coping very well with it all though, good on yer and long may it continue. Slow and steady on the pill cutting down front wins the race. LOL.

Jennifer said...

That bag is adorable!!

Sorry you've had a semi-rough week. It sounds like you are coping well, and getting nice yarn too!

Woolly Wormhead said...

Violence of any kind like that is painful to see - just let them know you are there if they need you, and they will ask for help. You can't do much more.

Yahoo to Pooch for getting that yarn! They learn in the end, don't they? ;)

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