Wednesday, 4 January 2006


The byrne brain would appear to have entered into something of a decline. And not in a good way. I’ve slept badly the last three nights and so naturally at such times of fatigue ones brain turns its attention to ways it can make things just a bit worse and you start feeling depressed. D.R.E.A.R.Y. Actually maybe I shouldn’t write this blog entry because the one thing more boring than being depressed is writing about it. Or possibly reading what’s been written.

All the way in to work this morning I was trying to talk myself out of it and I have even bought bread so I can go feed the ducks at lunchtime which is my old skool cure from when I went properly loopy. In fact on the subject of trying to talk oneself out of something – ever walked down the street talking to yourself? I have always avoided these actions as signs of stereotypical madness which, you know, just Is Not Cool. But today I let rip and did the two-chairs exercise therapistlouise has taught me while walking from Bond Street to Portland Place. Now this involves walking up Harley Street so you’d have thought people wouldn’t be that surprised to see a fruitloop in the midst of quack-central but no. Their poor little faces when they realised I really didn’t have a hands free set dangling from my orifices. Imagine the scene – a seemingly beautiful stranger – elegant, debonaire, wearing mittens – walks towards you. She clutches a loaf of bread lovingly to her bosom and is eating a bagel. You hear her talking as she sashays closer. She gets within detailed eye view and suddenly she interrupts herself with the other side of the argument. You realise she does not appear to be on the phone. She stops in her tracks, you pause in yours. “No no no” you hear her say in a cross tone of voice. You cross the road. Hahaha.

It could have been worse – I could have let the loaf of bread play the second chair role.

Knit wise I can’t be arsed at the moment. Partly because I got my second book from this seller. The last was crochet toys, this one is felt mascots. I spent last night sitting on the sofa watching vintage Sherlock Holmes dvds while making a really cute monkey. At the moment it just lacks a tail and a purpose, but I am sure these will follow soon. It’s only about 12cm high but is very detailed (pattern provided in the book) and I really love it. I might even photograph it at some point.

I’m actually writing this at work because, yes you know it, I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH TO DO!!!!! Boss, how many more times? I’m so bored. I’ve listened to Tom and Doug’s latest podcast, which was excellent and even made me smile and drawn a new flowchart/bubble diagram on the big white board. I’ve emailed 17 people for statistics and it’s 10.30 and that’s basically all my work done for the day. Actually, I was writing that book about “The Scientific Knitter” so maybe I should bring that in and give it another going over. Tra lala BOREDBOREDBOREDBORED

Am sure this is not helping with my mood.

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Nickerjac said...

Bloging about your depresion isn't boring for us to read, it helps some of us make sense of our own lifes. Hope you get some more sleep and ou know where I am if you want to come and play in the studio

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