Thursday, 5 January 2006

Panic over

The problem with having been so mentally fricking weird in the past is as soon as you have a downer you think it's all going to get as bad as it was before again. I now wish to report I am back on form and so you can cease to be concerned. In a large part this was helped by going to knitting last night where there were a massive 12 of us crowded round the little tables in starbucks. We had our secret santa and I came away with some very special chocs and some gorgeous stickers. Been a bit remiss with the cmaera recently so still no photos but will get there in the end.

Have brought my previously begun novel - "The Scientific Knitter" - in to work and will be doing some more of it this afternoon. At least it's typing in word which is almost like working I guess. Am also going to start my MBA research. Wow, so much to do!

Just briefly - my punch and judy book has arrived and is divine. I can't wait to get making my puppets! Am now on the look out for a swazzle, just in case anyone knows where I can get one.


Tracy said...

Try here
Ok I had to admit that I wasn't sure if you meant the thing that makes your voice go funny, but it turns out it was. i think I'll have a go at Trivial Pursuit later with the family now I'm feeling smug! Glad you're feeling happier about things.


Blimey you pack so much into your time. MBA research and novels and all that jazz. Belated Happy New Year wishes to you bloglady. Hope 2006 is a good 'un.

Fred said...

Have you tried the toy museum. I can't remember exactly where it is without checking with friend down there but think it is near Goodge Street.

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