Sunday, 29 January 2006

You're making me cringe

I've gone 'no emails' on the UKhandknitters list because of this cringeworthy fuss about a certain supplier and whether or not they are crap. The owner has now jumped on the list and keeps publically engaging people in debates about their level of service, what went wrong and what they've done to make it better in future. One email letting the list know what had been going on would have been fine. But contacting each customer and effectively cc'ing 1100 other people in on the list is just making me cringe. You'll note I haven't mentioned their company name here because I don't want to give them anymore screen time. I shall miss the list for the next few weeks but I'll only go back once all this is over.

Well look at me, getting all snooty and uppity! I've had a strange weekend so far. I think I may have overdone it a bit. I had loads of domestic stuff to sort out plus an exam to revise for tomorrow and yet I also seem to have done more knitting and sewing than ever before. Need to ease off so I'm not knackerated next week.

One errata to my last post - I omitted to mention Pooch actually knitted 4 stitches in that stripey garter cardigan - picture of it finished and with a handsome guy modelling it below...). He was slightly inebriated but did volunteer or even demand to have a go.
Image hosting by Photobucket
There's nothing sweeter than a boy and his frog.
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I'm going to have an easy going catch up on my bookmarked blogs for a bit now. So I'll be seeing some of you soon!


Sue said...

I can understand how you feel but it does appear to be calming down a bit, certainly the last lot of emails didn't have any references to 'the problem' in them. :-/

Nice model and the frog's not bad either! :-P

Come back soon - you'll be missed.


Tracy said...

Go on make him do a pair of socks now he's knitting the odd stitch on cardys....Kermit needs big ones, you can't have a frog with cold feet ;)

blueadt said...

I read all list emails online so that I don't fill up my inbox.

Mary said...

I've gone no mail too. It'll all pass soon enough. Love the jacket!

Flossie said...

Hi Lixie

It's calming down now on UKHK, But I agree with you about ow annoying it all is!

The jacket for Yoshimi looks great, can I ask what pattern you used please?


Sharon J said...

I left the list about a year ago because of some silliness that had been going on for too long. It amazes me how upset some people get over knitting. ~Sharon

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