Monday, 13 February 2006


At home today feeling manky. Slept really badly and feel supertense and achey all over. Have been mainly sitting on this sofa and feeling sorry for myself. Have even felt too pathetic to knit (much - obviously done a bit).

What I have done is rejoin the UKHK list and check my email so found this thing from Nikki. As she put it "Yes, I am also capable of jumping on bandwagons". It is an interesting idea though because you can see what people think of themselves. So take a look and see what you think and click submit - it's like a 360 degree appraisal from fellow knitters!

OK, that last paragraph was way too energetic. Incidentally don't worry about sympathising - it's not like I've got manflu or anything...


blueadt said...

My DH has got manflu & don't I know about it!

NikolaAnne said...

I'm feeling crappy too... Sinusitus here. Poo!

Get well soon!

gourdongirl said...

welcome back Lixie....looking forward to meeting you at SKIPnorth next week. Hope you feel better soon.


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