Thursday, 23 February 2006

I met Kaffe!

Ok, how sad is this but Natalie took my picture with him while he was signing my book.
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It was a really cool event at the V&A last night and I really enjoyed it. He is a very lovely man and spoke really well about the whole process and his inspirations. He also had two of the quilts from the V&A book with him and look at this...
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He's using it as a darn tablecloth? This quilt was totally to die for. Wow. OK, I've caught the kaffe bug now. I now know what Nickerjac means.

Speaking of whom she will be here shortly for last minute scheming before we head off at 6am tomorrow morning for SKIPNORTH. Dudes. I am so excited. I even bought a bag.
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Ha! See you on the otherside and clear those bandwidths for some awesome photos and tales of fun.


Tracy said...

The man! He doesn't seem to age either, what's his secret? Have a wonderful time!

Heather said...

OOOH! You lucky duck :)

Hope SkipNorth goes well - I wish I could be there.

Heather xxx

NikolaAnne said...

Have fun...

Wish I was going, but money prevented me booking it alas...

Shame really, I've got well enough now! :-(


Hope you are having a lovely time up North. Looking forward to hearing all your tales and seeing your pics on your return. P.S. your pic with Kaffe is not nearly as sad as my pic with Jean Moss at Woolfest last year where she is wearing a polite-but-bewildered expression while I am grinning like a goon

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