Sunday, 12 February 2006

SkipNorth - counting down

Oh yes, SkipNorth, the best of all the knitting holidays ever! There are still a couple of places left if you have been meaning to join in. I have been knitting and crocheting flowers today ready as samples for one of the workshops. I won't post any pics as I don't want to spoil the surprise for anyone!

Having a bit of a round up this is the patchwork baby-quilt-to-be I made a few weeks ago. The backing fabric and wadding are on order. It's a quilting supplier I got out of the back or british patchwork magazine I'd not used before and they don't seem to have turned out that well. Ah well, you live and learn etc etc.

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I stitched this one entirely by hand and have started a larger one for me. Have been hand stitching that one too but have come to my senses and will not be doing that for much longer!

Pooch bought me some curious yarns sock yarn a little while ago and I have been making him some socks with it. The first is actually done now but has gone very well.
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Here it is closer up:
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The colour is called 'ocean' and is nice and subtle. Not my first choice but would take a pattern nicely and the quality of the actual yarn is yummy - very lovely to knit with.

On the subject as sockyarn I have to add my experience to the blog-collective and say my 2nd experience of cherry tree hill has actually left me with faded yarn. It hasn't made that much difference.
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Actually you can't see it in the photo very well but it is a lot lighter and whereas it had just a few specks of pastel in it before now there is quite a bit. I still like them but I hope I don't use any more dye in coming weeks.

I have been continuing with the petal shawl from elann.
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Was knitting this on the train yesterday when I went down to see darling Yoshimi and parents. I also met up with dad, Johanna and Piers for lunch (and Pooch was there too!). The talk was a little stilted - think Piers is entering the terrible part of the teens but he has agreed to be an usher and I have agreed that he actually doesn't have to wear velvet knee britches. Johanna seemed quite adament that Freddie would change her mind pretty soon about being a bridesmaid. I guess there's no way round it - the woman annoys me. Plus Dad still hasn't said anything about whether he's to contribute to the wedding costs. Maybe he didn't get the email? I saw therapost Louise on Wednesday and she thinks I should talk to both sets of parents asap and let them know what i want and don't want. I think she's right (as if she ever isn't - woman's a fricking genius) as i don't want to have to spend time stressing about this over the next 15 months.

Little Yoshimi was lovely and has discovered her voice! Pooch held her too and looked a bit gangly but he managed well and with the cats and everything. Their house is really lovely and we have exchanged invites to come and stay whenever they want to come to london or we fancy a weekend by the sea. They are going to come to the wedding too!

We then met Louise for dinner and I asked her to be the maid of honour. She was flabberghasted and wants her duties written out for her - she'll be ace. She's the bestest.

On the way home Pooch pointed this out on the train map.
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Can you imagine? Surely a future destination of a skip holiday! Have been wondering about a second venture. Have broken even this time so dare I chance another venture? There is always Paris but I'm thinking a xmas market trip instead. That leaves enough time for planning.


Jennifer said...

The quilt is gorgeous! Very springlike.

That's it, I'm not buying any CTH sock yarn! I've read too many stories of it fading.

Tracy said...

I missed your last post for some reason, your ring is gorgeous! Your quilt is also beautiful and hand stitched? I wish I had the patience ;)

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