Monday, 6 February 2006

Sorry, sorry

Been a bit too long between posts I'm afraid. But is it worth the wait?

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That is a sapphire in the middle.

It has been a day of mixed emotion as I've ended up feeling quite embarrassed about it sometimes. Because there is no doubting it's not a shy little thing as it is at least a centimetre across. And with rings people equatre size with cost so people have been going on about how much it must have been when Pooch and I agreed we didn't want to spend silly amounts and it was all more about the look of it and what it meant rather than what it cost. I swear all this "one month's salary" stuff was just put out there by de beers marketing arm. This was a fraction of that but I love it more than all the solitaires money can buy.

It still seems very strange having it on my finger (we only actually got it yesterday though so maybe that's not outrageous!). I keep finding myself staring at it. I really do think it is the most beautiful thing ever.

Anyway, you don't want to read about me dribbling over jewellery so let me do a quick round up of recent action.

SkipNorth gets ever closer. Still 2 beds going spare if you want to come and join us. All information on the website.

I have restarted the petal shawl from elann - I mucked up a row about a month ago at the golders green group and had put it away in disgust after that but I sorted it at the weekend. Still onyl half way through but progressing nicely.

I *finally* got a chance to read Kaffe's V&A Quilts book. One word: divine. I am so inspired I just need to remember not to fritter on many disparate projects as is my wont/want/whatever. I will finish the mini flowery quilt and the larger flowery quilt (or at least get a bit further with it) before I start another.

I finished the second cherry tree socks and they adorn my feet at this very moment. Mmmmmmm, need I say anything more?

The more astute among you may have noticed something about this post - lacking photos. The fact is I left my camera at work this weekend so have none to share, other than the ring which I just took now. I will attempt to rectify this tomorrow though.


Spinningfishwife said...

Gorgeous ring! *love*


Pics of the cherry tree socks purlease when you get your camera back. Loving the rock. Wow.

I would have loved to join you for Skipnorth but have to be in London that weekend for my friend's 30th. I really hope it goes well for yous and hope you repeat it again next year, I would definitely come down for it.

Sue said...

Very nice ring - I love sapphires. Expensive or not so expensive is irrelevant if you got the ring you both liked!

Emily said...

I wouldnt want an expensive ring either. Knowing what im like i'd only lose it after a few days!

I think it looks gorgeous!

Jennifer said...

It's gorgeous! I love the sapphire.

gourdongirl said...

Sapphires are my favourite. Congrats.........

Looking forward to SKIPnorth....see you then

Jess said...

that is a beautiful ring. My grandmother's engagement ring was very similar and I always admired it! So elegant.

Heather said...

The ring is gorgeous - I hope you'll be very happy together :)

love Heather xxx

Steph said...

Beautiful ring. Congratulations!

Liz said...

Many congratulations -

AND please come back to UKHK really missing your postings - The moaning seems to have stopped

Liz in Three Bridges, West Sussex

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