Tuesday, 7 March 2006

Bored? Moi?

Well people, here we are again at 3.25 pm on a wet and cold Tuesday afternoon in London, England. I have been passing a lot of today by listening to Ask A Ninja and Tiki Bar TV on iTunes. And how can this be I hear you ask? Well guess what….I’ve run out of stuff to do again.

Actually let’s be realistic here. I have got bar charts to draw. Bar charts. I have a physics degree and am about to start an MBA and I am drawing fricking bar charts in excel. Here, allow me to share a bar chart with you. Oh go on.
This is what we refer to in the trade as a-bar-chart-with-three-colours. Jesus. I’m so bored. Someone come drop something on my foot. Then I can move to the exciting surroundings of A&E.

So what to do about this? Weeeeeell, I have told Sean. He knows. He is clued in on the fact that I am underutilised at this moment in time. However he is behind me with an qualified accountant at each shoulder with all three of them trying to work out what happened to £500k because the auditors are in and they would actually quite like to know about it. And the auditors are in. “In” being a reference to in-the-room-with-the-whiteboard. So I can’t even go hang out in there. I could just go wonder off for an hour I suppose. No one would notice *sob* because they know I have meetings and stuff. Actually I could just choose to go home. Ooooo. I could tell Sean and he wouldn’t say anything. It’s 90 mins extra knitting. It's a bit weird though. And he's still over there trying to find the £500k. Could have a doctor appt....

Hmmm…. I’ll let you know how I get on.

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Mate, you make me laugh out loud. I am at home ill for the eighth day running. This is the longest consecutive days of illness absence I have had for almost three years. The last time this happened (almost exactly three years ago now I come to think of it) I took up knitting! This time round I am not taking up any new hobbies (although that spinning wheel in the corner is starting to look very tempting).

I hope you got home early and got some knitting time in, It's got to be better for your body, mind and soul than fricking three colour bar charts for chuffs sake.

How come you don't work in physics anyway, surely your brain is wasted on such palty matters.

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