Monday, 20 March 2006

I'm too boring for my shirt

Can't remember whether I've shown this beforer but this is what happened to the kaffe fassett v-neck that was never meant to be. Doesn't it just say cushion cover to you?
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The red and yellow socks need washing so I'm not going to photograph smelly socks. But I have refound the camera as you might be able to tell. I have started another pair of socks though for darling Lou and here they are.
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This is in 'foxy lady' by...yes, i know....cherry tree hill. I know I know but this is my last indulgence as long as the celestial merino turns out well.

Finally I've done a crochet motif. Oh yes. Out of the 'starting crochet' book I bought about 2 years ago. For some weird rason it has cropped itself in a circle which I guess works. It is slightly septagonal after I accidentally did 2dc where 1 would have done on each corner. It was the first pattern I'd ever followed in crochet so I was quite happy with the turnout.
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Wow, what a boring post. Sorry peeps.


Holly @Home said...

That Kaffe could be a bag ..there is a "Roman Glass" waistcoat that Mum went nuts trying so bagged it .

colin said...

the picture in the middle-that yarn is beautiful. Your sts also look very uniform.

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