Friday, 10 March 2006

Life update

You know how I cut down another pill last Saturday and then haven't mentioned it since then? Well the fact is I basically forgot about it which is a good thing really because I wasn't being hyperaware of possible side-effects. But then when I found myself freaking out about not having a wedding dress (the wedding is 14 months away so this really is not a problem) and about to burst into tears on Oxford Street it did occur to me that maybe just maybe I was having a bit of a reaction. And sure enough when I got my mirror out (does everyone obsessively carry a mirror in their bag? I mean, what if you get an eyelash right?) and there I was with one pupil "normal" and one like a soup dish.

I'm not saying this is a failsafe diagnostic tool but I have consistently had weird dilation effects from any increase or decrease. It all looks a bit david bowie and small children do run away from me screaming for mother. So obviously being in this highly fragile state my first thought was 'sushi'. Actually this isn't quite true. I first did some really divine confused rambling as I was trying to buy a magazine (for no real reason, just felt the need) and kept going in and out of the same places and up and down the same bit of oxford street. I did think the security guard at Bond Street was going to ask me to accompany him after I drifted past with my crazy eyes for the fourth time. After I had stuffed my face my next thought was 'bed' so I dived home and got into it and was asleep by about 8.02pm. My eyes are still kooky which makes me dizzy and so I am having a day at home knitting bedsocks for a little old lady somehow related to someone at Golders Green. Poor thing has swollen ankles and feet of a massive 6" diameter so I am actually doing these socks in the round. Although that's actually on a circular rather than the dreaded dpns.

Before I go I have found a new spiritual home....Little Knits. Not that I haveany cash but when I do get paid, that is where I'm heading. I'm just waiting to hear cofirmation that they deliver to the UK. Anyway, I think that's enough for now. I'm just going to dizzyly wobble back to bed for a snooze.


Lindsey said...

I regularly get followed by security guards when I 'zone out' in the shopping centre or supermarket. I mean, obviously it takes shoplifters 90 minutes to buy a loaf of bread & some milk!! Or it may be the way I mutter while staring at the shelves.

Steph said...

Hope you feel better soon.
Little Knits definately do UK orders - I just received mine yesterday. Great service too. :-)

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