Monday, 27 March 2006

Why I do not exercise

Because it makes me feel so bloody awful. Been doing cardio stuff for 45 mins and feel absolutely disgusting. Anyway...

Have started a baby cardi for Timo, who is so wonderful at massages.
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Two stripe purple which I thought was quite funky while not ommitting to any gender thing. This is some of the haworth stash. I have just reached a stage where I need a stitch holder and I swear these things are worse than stitchmarkers. This one looks like a massive baby pin. And it appears to be the only one I have left!
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The sewing machine arrives tomorrow. Hoorah hoorah. Have a week off from 10th April so will be making it earn its keep that week.

Bought Pooch a rose at the weekend which is now looking purely wonderful.
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We had a talk afterwards about buying things for people that they would actually want and appreciate but hey, I like it. Which is I guess the point of what he was saying.

Still feel like shit. I KNOW people say it will get easier with time but I've always loathed exercise and it never has in the past. God. Wretched exercise....

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