Thursday, 11 May 2006

And lo! 12 hours appeared as if from nowhere

Mr Rancid Pooch the first has just phoned me to say he is irretrevably drunk and I must stand by to accept the wounded and dying. Hmmmmmm, spare room for him me thinks. (His doghouse, fnah fnah)

Is actually not that bad having a bit of extra time to myself to reflect as I just had my first MBA tutorial this evening. Where on earth did I think 12 hours study time a week was going to come from? Wow. That's a lot of time. So now I need a plan and am thinking it will involve starting work at 8 and knocking off at 4 and then
sitting there with literally a different hat on for 2 hours after that crunching OU stuff. But then that has its drawbacks because people will still bug me about stuff, even with a stupid hat on. Perhaps, no, I already know that wouldn't work so am not going to bother typing it. Basically it's all going to mean far less knitting. Had my update with sean this morning and am not moving dept - in a move previously unknown at the IOP there has been an internal reorganisation and I have not changed boss, floor or building. Extraordinary. Actually since coming back from Philadelphia I've felt a new comfort in what I'm doing with all the strategy stuff. Therapist Louise told me ages ago that a healthy head doesn't seek external validation but then she's never had to devise a scorecard when your chief exec is a useless windchime and the senior management all hate each other. People are coming to me with all these questions about how things can be done to achieve this that and the other and it's reminded me that, admittedly, I'm the only one that knows enough about it to advise (I'm now correcting Sean when he comes out of stuff - yep, you just know he loves that!) but that it is all actually rather complicated and difficult for tiny british minds to grasp. (I put that last bit in in case Tom is reading and is thinking how easy it is for broad american minds to grasp.)

I had better break off here and batten down the hatches for Pooch's arrival which will no doubt be stormy. He told me he was celebrating because he had 'saved sony' today at work. I feel certain I will be hearing all about it the moment I hear his key scratching at the door and go to relieve him of the burden of getting it in the keyhole.

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