Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Hello. My name is Alex. And I am moody.

Having a few of the old mood swings today. Because the thing is you see I decided, rather rashly, to cut another pill last Tuesday and this is the second tuesday and so I have a headache and am waking up early and am having mood swings. Ugh. This morning was great because I went out shopping for my SP to the bead shop in covent garden. Before that I had a look around Mistress, the most fabulous shoe shop and genuinely couldn't find anything I wanted to buy!!! I was wondering around soho, looking for knitting books in the second hand stores, found a funky stationary shop, had a malt shake and hotdog at Ed's (People - go to Ed's and have a malt shake. Vanilla allows you to experience the sheer bravardo of it to full-effect but they do other flavours too). Anyway. Was doing all this and found myself fricking smiling. Yeah, I know. Smiling in London? I must have looked like such a tourist.
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So anyway, there I was walking around enjoying myself like a demented chipmunk or something. And I got to the supermarket on the way home and I put my key in the door lock and kabooooooooom. One peeved person. Ahhh, don't you just love that website?

So anyway. The person I am most annoyed wih is Pooch, and for a reason even I know is a bit tenuous. You see Mr Pooch and I have created a little relationship history recently in that the relationship almost became history. It went a bit like this...
  • Beer
  • Football
  • Football
  • Football
  • Football
  • Unanswered texts
  • Beer
  • Football
  • Arrival home
  • Hello
  • Football
  • Disatisfaction
  • Argument
  • Lots of definitive statements
  • End of relationship and idea that we are moving into a new flat together on Friday.
Now by Monday afternoon it was agreed that this was not the way forward and lots more statements were made. Some of them concerned patronisation. And now he has sent me an email which, even though he goes to great lengths to indicate he is not being patronising but just asking, is patronising. (To me, at this moment.)

Anyway. Shut up Byrne.

My camera has gone awol so I want you to imagine there is a finished pair of socks here in 'beach' from here. Plus also imagine a few more rounds on the never ending tablecloth cardi. I'm thinking of dyeing it blue. Blue and dark brown. Mmmmmm. Nice. Speaking of nice colours (and I actually mean attractive colours not the crap I come up with) look at socks that rock. Banded and moss agate, plymouth rock, sandstone, yeah baby yeah. In fact basically all of them. The pill cut down has wiped out my short term memory again. Was it Helen who introduced me to these? I think she got some from her SP and says it rivals cherry tree hill which would be a bonus as I have grown to hate cherry tree hill for being lovely yet so useless at retaining colour. I hear Get Knitted are to stock it later this year so will be watching with interest.

I am going to wrap up all the little bits I've got for my SP ready to send them off tomorrow which should cheer me up. And then maybe I'll start the fairisle socks I've been thinking about. I think I've just been reading too many fairisler's blogs recently though. It's not like I actually enjoy fairisle.

PS: I just realised it was Soap Fibre Girl who told me about Socks that Rock and she's just posted about her stash of sock yarn. Now that is impressive!!

PPS: What do you think of the new avatar? They didn't have any one-doughnut-too-many-bodies which is why it looks like you could use my legs to knit 4-ply.


Jennifer said...

I'm sorry you've been feeling so moody. Hopefully things will settle out for you soon.

Annarella said...

The new avatar looks super cute :) Hope you sort out your stuff with Pooch soon - take care x

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