Wednesday, 21 June 2006

Just me and my flies

My cold got worse yesterday and turned into another migrane so I came home early, regaining consciousness briefly between 8 and 10pm. Why the hell couldn't I sleep through that pitiful time as well? I had the window open because of the heat and all I could hear was 'ooooo' and 'ahhhhh' and 'goal' although that last one didn't happen often. Have spent today plugged into the beanbag. And this is where the flies come in.

There are flies, circling about a 40cm cube of air in the middle of this room. Or rather there were flies. About 5 of them. I say about as they are hard to count as they won't keep still. There are people out there who would be able to tell you why they occupy this small airspace so rigidly so I won't theorize here. At about 3 I was in the beanbag, as you do, dropping off in front of perry mason (this was one of those zen episodes of perry mason where perry himself does not actually appear). An hour later I stirred once more and there were no flies. Do you see where I'm going with this? How likely is it that all (approximately) 5 flies flew out of their airspace and into my mouth while I was zizzing?

It's all quite worrying. So to take my mind off that I have graphed Pooch's attendance record.
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But I found I really wasn't happy with this graph.

Three years....three years studying physics and all I have left are my drawing-a-graph-in-excel-skills and this is the best I can do? Oh no no no! So I had a fiddle.
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Just to keep my hand in I frogged and then did a bit more of the crochet cardi. It's looking rather impressive now though I say so myself. I also finished the hat AND did a couple of swatches to felt for the bag made out of the stuff my SP sent me. The hat is not quite the thing of beauty that Ruth produced as it looks more giant's causeway than pixie but I am still pretty chuffed with it. There would have been a picture but La Pooch has nicked off with the batteries again. That boy....

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Celeste said...

When we get flies in our house (too often thanks to smelly cat food) they have the same trick of getting stuck in the invisible box which seems to be suspended just below the living room lights.
I'd find it fascinating if flies weren't such horrible irritating things.
I tend to find hitting them with a newspaper breaks the invisible box, they fly to the window, then the newspaper either guides them towards the great outdoors, or to death, depending on my mood, and how long the flies have been irritating me for.

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