Sunday, 25 June 2006

Rather a trying day

Let us forget about reality and sink into the fantasy of creation for a while. The cardi progresses.
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It takes so bloody long to do a round now but it should be finished this week. I'm really not at all sure about the colours though. When is the Byrne going to learn to go with her instincts? It does look like a 70s tablecloth.

I did some swatches for the felted bag and these are dry. I can't quite decide which to go with. This is the 'front'
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and the 'back'.
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I think I prefer the back with the 12mm hook and the front with the 9mm. (9mm is on the left in each photo.)

I was out a fair bit today and at one point was in Putney. I found the new yarn shop which is of course open Tues-Sat only. It looked quite nice from the outside though. On the other side of the road was this:
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Made me smile in an otherwise whit free day.

And then finally, this is what I saw when I looked out of the window last night.
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He (or possibly she) sat on top of the car for ages having a wash and brush up while people and cats lived their lives on the other side of the carpark. The foxes here just aren't phased by people at all unless you approach them directly and get to within about a metre.

  • Saturday: 6 hours
  • Sunday: 1 hour with the football on in the background either on radio or tv or for a memorable while, both.


susoolu said...

I miss London foxes - and all the paw prints they used to leave on my old car!

Jennifer said...

There are foxes in London! Wow! What a sight. It gives me a smile.

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