Sunday, 18 June 2006

Warning, hat in progress

Why get up to look in a mirror when you've got a camera next to you on the sofa?
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Pooch says it is my finest creation yet and I have to say I am rather pleased with it. I might finish it tonight although it's not exactly the weather for it. I love the design though and plan to have many more crochet spirals featuring in my future.

I know I said I would leave the squares afghan til the winter but... BUT. You see I've had £50 in my paypal account for a week and decided I would save it for woolfest but now of course I can't go and Tom is coming over next weekend and kind of seemed like a little splurge at was in order. I bought the wool I'll need for the afghan - about 21 balls for about £30! The exchange rate just makes it madness to buy in the UK even if you do get stuck with the import tax. I know this is extremely disloyal and unpatriotic but there are still some things I *need* from the UK (Silkwood sock yarn I think...).

Breakfast this morning was a joy. None of that health nonsense about food colouring. Nobody does cerial quite like the americans. Look at these colours...
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I am behind with my hour logging so here goes for the rest of this week:
  • Thursday: 0.5 hours
  • Friday: 0 hours
  • Saturday: 7 hours (I went to Joe's for lunch and stayed crocheting my spirals for the first half of the 2pm game until I ran out of wool)
It's Sian's birthday next weekend so have been busily filling a box with goodies for her. When we were little Mum used something called "the good little pogie's prize" as a good conduct award for the week and it was always a higgledymix of little things rather than one big thing. I LOVE presents like that where there are lots of mini thngs and have always got Freddie ones like that. This one for Sian is like that too so I hope she likes it (and I know she's been reading this recently so am cunningly building up a bit of pre-birthday excitement!).


Woolly Wormhead said...

That Hat is looking great! Aren't the spirals so gratifying?x

Mary-Lou said...

Love the hat, but I am forced to say that the cereal looks utterly vile - suspect it's that I can't take so much colour at such an early hour of the morning :)

Sara said...

I'm in Ravelry and linked my way to this photo. Great!! I must try this!!

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