Thursday, 15 June 2006

What a difference a day makes

Someone asked me what had happened to Monday on my previous list. I apper to have lost a day but I'm not complaining as it means its one day closer to the weekend.

So for completeness....
Monday: 0.25 hours
Wednesday: 1 hour

Glad we got that sorted. Pooch and I have a lunch date today and then at 5.30 I am viewing the flat downstairs. Apparently there is some football game on at the time but who cares about that. You see the landlady finally gave us notice and it turns out the flat downstairs is free from the end of the month. That really could be the easiest move ever.

Finally returned to NWKnitters last night in Golders Green. Was lovely to see everyone and what they were working on. Jane was working on a shawl in an amazing green yarn and I forgot to ask what it was. It was a pattern from Scarf Style. It made me remember Angelina. I bought the pattern quite a while ago but going back to the site now she has added some gorgeous things so i think it deserves another visit. I'm just not sure if its a tiny bit girly for me though.

I WILL have my camera back this evening to a slightly more interesting post is in the offing. Oh and finally everyone seems to have been to the opening of this new knitting shop in Putney. Stash looks rather fab and Nickerjac is teaching there which has to be a ringing endorsement. It is my official birthday on 4th July so maybe just maybe I'll take a trip out there around then for a few birthday treats!

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Becky said...

Hey there - what a good idea to make time to have a date with Pooch - it's easy to get complacent when we all have busy lives - keep the romance alive.

The lady that I was secret pal to - Sharon - knitted Angelina last year and it looked fab - I thought I'd post you a link to a picture of her wearing it - I'm tempted by the pattern myself actually, so if you decide you don't want to do it - I'll buy it off you.

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