Tuesday, 6 June 2006

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me, bloggers.

I was looking for the proper version of this quote when I found this website. I seem to have spent a large proportion of today randomly talking about religion. But that's not an interesting part of today. Let's skip that.

Let us examine the reason for my being in a personal hell. Exhibit A.

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The World Cup has landed chez byrne. I have been absent for some time as Pooch and I had a small, tiny, barely worth mentioning altercation on Thursday prompted by that very topic that necessitated me departing for mother's on friday evening. Then I got ill with some weird trembling, shaking thing and couldn't stand up on sunday so ended up being there til yesterday evening. Pooch has just informed me the shaking was a Pooch-withdrawal symptom. Yes, you guessed right, the wedding is still on, this week.

I guess I am feeling a bit miserable today because the true extent of Pooch's desertion has become apparent as we went through the timetable of games last night. Hmmmmmm. Let us not dwell on that.

Not much knitting been going on recently. Do you know what, I'm nackered. God what an awful post, sorry peeps. It seemed to start so well too. I might reuse that title another time.


Lindsey said...

I'm so lucky, because Dave is also fed up with the World Cup already. Though I was thinking of making a football shaped bag...

Becky said...

Oh I hope you are feeling better now, from the trembling thing I mean. Football should definately be banned the world over I just don't get the obsession at all. Try to rise above it and subject him to hours of tennis when Wimbledon is on - well only if he doesn't like tennis that is !

Julie No Fags No Husband said...

Alex, think of it this way for every moment he spends watching football you can be doing crafty things, for every time England beat another country, you should order some exotic yarn from that country! Do they produce yarn in Trinidad!!! hope to see you wednesday!

RoxyK said...

I am so lucky. My DH is not into football at all, so we happily sail through the whole crappy cup thing ignoring it and pretending it doesn't even exist.

Saturday we're planning to drive down to Woolacombe Bay - the roads should be lovely and quiet ;)

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