Thursday, 13 July 2006

Favourite quote

There is a guns and roses song called 'civil war' from which comes my favourite ever quote. I know, but it just is. As well as the words there is the inflection in the voice when it is said. Ready?

"What we have here is a failure to communicate."

It doesn't quite have the same impact written like that, but it does yet again seem to apply. I have been discriminated against. There has been a general misunderstanding. People meant well but assumed wrongly. Because you see..

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Lots of the people around me thought my dissatisfaction with my relationship and the resulting troubles were because I was getting depressed again. But no one came out and said this to me, apart from Pooch. It just turns out that when I've checked they mostly say "Yeah, well, I did assume that but if you're not then that's great" or something similar.
Just because you had cancer doesn't mean that the only reason your hair falls out is because you're having chemo. People go bald the same as 'normal' people get annoyed.
Anyway, normal service will be resumed soon, as soon as I find my camera.


rho said...

Oh I so understand that - I have fibromyalgia and occasionally do get depressed and it royally ticks me off when people say that I am sick because I am depressed - Hell NO, I am occasionally depressed because I am sick and it pisses me off and knowing I can't change it much I do get depressed because of the things I used to do and can't do now. So when people assume that depression is the cause of EVERYTHING that happens in your life instead of being a symptom of something going on in your life it makes me want to scream.

Also -- in addition to being in that song that is a famous expression from an old movie here called "Cool Hand Luke" Said with a deep southern accent by a corrupt jailer to an inmate -- which is how I read it LOL

rho said...

shoot - I read that back to myself and I realized it sounded like I thought you were depressed because of what is happening - maybe you are but I am sure you are more angry at this point than anything else ....

I sure wish I could get what my brain is thinking to come out thru my fingers and avoid this confusion :D

Spinningfishwife said...

I thought you might be feeling pissed off because you were coming off your meds...lots of suppressed stuff can surface during that time. It did for me anyway! That`s not a reason to start taking the pills again`s just a phase. It passes. Just don`t make any hasty decisions and give yourself plenty of time.

On the other hand, I could be talking complete bollocks...;-)

Hope you get into smoother waters soon anyway. x

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